Extend Your Test Drive With a Toyota Rental

It seems like every day here at Faith’s Automotive at our Toyota and Ford dealerships, we’re surprised to discover that someone had never considered renting a vehicle as a form of an extended test drive. Our teams will work with customers and help them narrow down their options to a couple of choices, even go for some test drives, and yet they’ll still be uncertain. They’re often leaning toward one model over another, but that uncertainty and fear of making a wrong decision make them anxious and frozen with indecision. That’s the very moment we suggest, “Why not rent a Toyota to try it out?” and their reactions are typically priceless—we can see the mental light bulb switch on at that moment.


There’s no better way to know if a vehicle is right for you than to simply drive it and actually experience what it would be like to own it. A test drive is great, and for some people, it’s enough to get what they need and know they’ve found the right vehicle. But sometimes a test drive—even one that lasts 30 minutes or longer—isn’t enough to answer every question and see every nuance of a vehicle. That’s when a longer experience via renting a Toyota is absolutely perfect and creates an opportunity to make a more informed decision.


Can You Really Use a Rental for a Test Drive?


Yes, absolutely—renting a Toyota is a great way to enjoy an extended test drive and fully experience everything a vehicle you’re interested in has to offer. You can take a test drive that involves getting around the city a bit, hopping on the freeway, and driving around some parking lots. That gives you a good general feel for what it’s like to drive a particular model, but it doesn’t necessarily reveal much about what it would be like to live with that car.


By renting a vehicle for a weekend or even a week, you can better understand how a Toyota Tundra might fit into your life or how well your family fits into a Toyota Camry. There’s nothing quite like using a vehicle in your everyday routine—including your daily commute, running errands, picking your kids up from school, and more—to understand if it’s right for you. Renting a Toyota is the perfect way to have this experience, with zero commitment or obligation on your part, so you can make a fully informed decision about your next car.


A red 2023 Toyota Crown is shown from the rear at an angle.


What Models Are Available?


In general, just about any Toyota model you’re interested in can be rented from our dealerships, usually from within the last model year or two. Of course, what’s available at any given time can fluctuate, but we typically have a wide range of different Toyota vehicles for you to choose from. The Toyota lineup is so diverse and impressive that it’s easy to find a huge variety, including hard-working trucks, spacious SUVs, and sporty sedans.


If you have a particular model in mind that you’d like to rent, then give our team a call to see what they have available and what they can do for you. Even if we do not have the model you’re interested in trying out available, they’ll do everything we can to help you find it so you can experience what Toyota offers. Just like when it comes to selling cars, our commitment is always to ensuring our customers are completely happy, which means getting you the vehicle you want so that you can rent it today.


What if You’re Interested in a Specific Model?


It would be great if we had every possible combination of different Toyota models, trims, and features available for people to try out, but that’s just not possible. We work hard to offer a great selection of vehicles for rent to meet the needs of as many different people as possible. But if you have something very specific that you’d like to try out, talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members, and they’ll see what we can do. Whether that means something like a RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid because you’d like to feel its electrified performance for yourself or a Grand Highlander to see if it can fit into your lifestyle, they’ll make sure you find the vehicle you’re looking for and help you figure out all the details for your rental.


Can Drivers Rent a Toyota for Something Else?


Absolutely. You don’t have to rent a Toyota just to try it out. While using a rental for an extended test drive is a great way to go, we’re happy to help people with a rental for a variety of different needs. Our great Toyota rental vehicles are often used while someone is having major work or repairs done on their vehicle or after a collision as an insurance rental while waiting for things to be sorted out before buying a new car.


You can even rent a Toyota simply to have a different vehicle to use while going on vacation or for other needs. If you own a small sedan but could really use a powerful truck for a couple of days to help a friend or family member with a move or major project, then renting a Toyota Tundra or Tacoma is a great way to make that happen. Similarly, you might like having a spacious SUV for your daily drive but want something smaller for an upcoming road trip—renting a Toyota Camry or Corolla is the perfect way to get just what you’re looking for.


Is Renting a Toyota Expensive?


Here at Faith’s Automotive, we ensure our Toyota rental prices are fair and competitive with any other rental company in the area. While renting a Toyota for the weekend will cost more than simply going for a short test drive, it’s a small price to pay for the incredible convenience and peace of mind that this sort of rental can provide. We work hard to keep our rental prices as low as possible so that you can enjoy a fantastic Toyota without affecting your overall budget, and you can be assured that all of our rental models are in excellent condition. In fact, if you fall in love with the vehicle you’re driving, you can buy it when you bring it back to us—not simply a similar model, but the very one you’ve been driving and testing. We make it just that easy.


A grey 2023 toyota BZ4X is shown from the front at an angle in the rain.


Rent a Toyota Today and Try Before You Buy


The idea of renting a Toyota to enjoy an extended test drive might seem strange to some people, but we have drivers come to us all the time who are excited to get the chance to really experience their next car before buying it. Nothing beats practical time on the road and behind the wheel when it comes to knowing which model is right for you. Certain nuances and idiosyncrasies of a car simply can’t be found or experienced during a short test drive but instead require a few hours on the road or some time with it in your driveway.



No matter what you’re looking for in your next ride, here at Faith’s Automotive, we’re committed to helping you find it and making sure you get the right vehicle that you’ve been looking for. Come into our Faith’s Toyota and Faith’s Ford dealerships today and speak with our team. Whether you’re looking for an extended test drive or need a replacement vehicle while your car’s being serviced, we’ll be sure to get you behind the wheel of a Toyota vehicle you’ll love, even if it’s just temporary!

September 8, 2023
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