How the i-FORCE MAX Engine Is Redefining Power in the Toyota Tundra

Power has been given a name, and that name is i-FORCE MAX. Available on the 2024 Toyota Tundra for sale at Faith’s Toyota, the i-FORCE MAX is changing drivers’ understanding of power, performance, and efficiency. In the past, these three qualities rarely meshed well, but that is all changing. The name resonates with power, hinting at what one can expect when climbing behind the wheel of the Tundra equipped with the i-FORCE MAX engine.



Redefining the idea of “hybrid,” the i-FORCE MAX offers so much more than power and efficiency – it also offers unbridled potential. Living up to its name, this revolutionary and award-winning engine is a “force” to be reckoned with, giving the already incredible Tundra even more to boast about. This particular Toyota engineering masterpiece is designed to deliver substantial horsepower and torque, which goes above and beyond to cater to the demands of heavy-duty work, towing, and, of course, off-roading.



Incorporating advanced technology with tried-and-true mechanical prowess, Toyota is delivering in every area that matters most to truck enthusiasts. Of course, you don’t have to take Faith’s word for it. Get behind the wheel of a new Toyota Tundra to see what’s behind the name i-FORCE MAX.



Toyota’s Electrifying Vision of the Future



Toyota’s move to an electrified future has been in the works for some time now, with the i-FORCE MAX playing an essential role in the transition. Toyota’s “Mobility” concept is where it all comes together, consisting of three crucial elements. Toyota is setting itself up to roll out electrified versions of every model it produces in the coming years, and Toyota believes it comes down to three approaches: electrification, intelligence, and diversification.



In essence, all three of these approaches center around the people who drive Toyotas and ensuring their needs are met to the best of the company’s abilities. There is an entire realm of energy solutions made available to those seeking them, and Toyota has developed multi-point plans to capitalize on the technology while contributing to it. Dedicating time and resources to developing electrified options, Toyota is making revolutionary advancements, and the i-FORCE MAX is proof of that. Pinned with the 2022 Wards 10 Best Engines and Propulsion Systems Award, the i-FORCE MAX positively represents what to expect from the increasingly electrified automotive industry.



a brown 2024 Toyota Tundra for sale is shown from the side while off-road.



From the Prius to the MAX



The i-FORCE MAX is an awe-inspiring design that considers the expectations of those who drive trucks and then blows it out of the water. Toyota has been in the hybrid game for some time now, introducing the Prius and essentially changing the industry. Revered for its not-so-average fuel efficiency, the Toyota Prius made a splash when it rolled into the market in 1997. Anyone looking to save some green or do their part to go green viewed the Prius as the answer. Unfortunately, due to its rather sloth-like tendencies, the Prius was often made to feel like an outcast in the automotive world.



Although the Prius had a massive impact on alternative power solutions, it also impacted the image of hybrid vehicles. That image implied that no hybrid could demonstrate performance worth noting, which made it seem like SUVs, trucks, and even performance cars would most likely never see the hybrid light. Fast-forward twenty or so years, and Toyota has thrown that misconception out the window. Despite the first Prius pumping out a measly 72 hp and a whimpering 85 lb-ft of torque, Toyota saw the power potential and went with it. Thanks to their vision and unrelenting pursuit, drivers are now face to face with a hybrid truck that can keep up with or even outpower many other trucks on the market today.



Thinking that the Prius and the Toyota Tundra i-FORCE MAX have been produced from the same lineage is mind-boggling and incredibly impressive. The brain-child of Toyota uses a 3.4-liter twin-turbo V6 engine combined with an electric motor for a hybrid system that brings fuel efficiency and, most importantly, performance. That’s not to say that performance is more critical than saving the planet, but when it comes to trucks, power is everything.



Mated with a ten-speed automatic, the V6 works quite cooperatively with a 48-hp electric motor. This harmonious combination of gas and electricity provides on-demand power and responsive performance. At this point, you might be wondering what that all means, and the team at Faith’s Toyota is happy to tell you that it means – a fuel-efficient truck that doesn’t compromise on performance.



Impressive Capabilities and Efficiency



The 2024 Toyota Tundra i-FORCE MAX doesn’t short anyone on performance, producing an incredible 437 hp and 583 lb-ft of torque. The i-FORCE MAX is single “handily,” proving that a hybrid can be as robust as a traditional gas-powered set-up. With such beefy numbers, the Tundra boasts a tow rating of 11,450 lbs and a max payload of 1,680, proving that the Tundra has more than just gym muscles.



Mated with a 10-speed automatic transmission, the i-FORCE MAX provides smooth shifting for a more enjoyable ride. Using sequential shift mode, drivers can experience the Tundra to its fullest, gaining more control over shifting thanks to manual style gear changes. This is an advantage for the Tundra, creating a connection between driver and truck that changes how you experience the road.



The i-FORCE MAX is available on several of the Tundra’s trim options, including the TRD Pro. The TRD Pro is designed for off-roading, unlike any off-roading you have ever experienced. With the power of gas and electricity behind you, the Tundra can tackle even the most challenging terrain. Crawl Control is an off-road feature that takes over control, optimizing performance as you climb obstacles and take on the great outdoors.



The Toyota Tundra has an optional Multi-Terrain Select that lets you filter through automatic terrain modes, including Sand, Mud, Rock, and Auto, available only on the MAX option. The Multi-Terrain Select adjusts the vehicle’s response to terrain changes by controlling the truck’s output to optimize traction. The genius of the i-FORCE MAX doesn’t even stop there; with an additional TOW/HAUL mode, you may feel unstoppable.



Furthermore, the Tundra still offers first-rate fuel efficiency, not compromising even in the slightest. The EPA-estimated city mileage is 20 MPG, and the highway is 24 MPG, which is incredible for a mammoth truck with admirable under-the-hood numbers. From impressive mileage to astonishing capability and performance, the Toyota Tundra i-FORCE MAX is a remarkable hybrid.



A grey 2024 Toyota Tundra is shown from the front at an angle.


A Hybrid to the Max



The Prius has always been impressive, but that doesn’t mean it was impressive to everybody. As a hybrid, it was a great way to save some money at the pump and show your dedication to preserving the rainforest, but in reality, it was mocked for its lack of power and viewed through a critical lens. Had the car-buying public known then what they know now, the Prius would have been the cool car to buy. Knowing that the Prius has led to vehicles with improved performance was a leap most drivers would not have taken at the time.



On the other hand, Toyota saw the potential and sped away with it. Thanks to their dedication to the hybrid concept, the i-FORCE MAX is a reality and one that customers are grateful for. Efficiency and performance go hand in hand, and the Toyota Tundra is proof. Considered by Toyota to be “a new breed of hybrid,” the 2024 Tundra i-FORCE MAX is sure to be a game changer, making size and performance synonymous with efficiency and intelligence.

December 15, 2023
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