Maximizing Your Ride in a Used Toyota With AWD

Some people worry that shopping for a used vehicle means missing out on something. After all, you won’t find many current-year models when looking at used cars or SUVs. That being said, when you choose the right dealership, you get an incredible wealth of options available since you’re not just looking at what’s available right now but what has been offered for many years. Looking at the Toyota lineup, for example, you can access many different vehicles and features as you look at used options. Finding the right one can get tricky, but it helps if you narrow things down by focusing on specific features that are most important to you, like all-wheel drive (AWD).


As your used Toyota dealer near Keene, we are pleased to be able to help our customers find the perfect vehicle with everything you’ve been looking for. Since Toyota models have some of the most impressive AWD systems offered on them, it’s no surprise that many of our customers are interested in an AWD model for getting around Keene, heading out camping, or dealing with rough winter weather. Why should you consider a used Toyota with AWD, what can one do for you, and what do you need to know when looking at different options? These are great questions, so let’s dig into this subject and ensure you have the answers you need.


Why Choose a Used Toyota With AWD?


In case you’re not entirely sure what AWD is about, the difference between AWD and something like front-wheel drive (FWD) is how the power from your vehicle’s engine is sent to the wheels. With a front-wheel drive vehicle, the power goes from the engine to just the front wheels; the rear wheels spin as you drive, but they don’t get any power directly. A vehicle with AWD sends power from the engine to both the front and rear wheels—this way, if one set of wheels slips and doesn’t have good traction, the other wheels still get power and can make up for it by keeping you moving until all four wheels grip the road again.



A red 2020 Toyota Camry is shown driving in the snow.


Understanding this difference is crucial to understanding why some people prefer AWD over an option with power only going to two wheels. It generally comes down to traction and control. Folks who tend to drive on surfaces other than standard paved roads—those who deal with a lot of dirt and gravel roads or like going off-roading—need the extra traction that AWD can deliver. This also helps with handling the uneven terrain of an off-road trail since you still get a grip even if two of your wheels leave the trail and are up in the air. Many people also prefer AWD for dealing with rain, slush, snow, and similar conditions since the extra wheels getting power give you better traction when things get slippery in Keene.


But Toyota isn’t exactly the only company making vehicles with AWD, so why do so many people choose Toyota AWD models? Toyota is well known for making incredibly reliable vehicles with great engines that you can count on for many years. Their knack for engineering extends throughout the powertrain, including their impressive AWD systems. With a Toyota AWD vehicle, you can count on it responding quickly to changes in the road, sending power to the wheels as needed, and keeping you in control. Getting one of these vehicles at a lower price by shopping for a used model is simply the icing on the cake—since Toyota is so well known for reliability, it’s easy to shop for a used Toyota with supreme confidence.


Which Toyota Models Have AWD Available?


This is one of the most common questions we’re asked by customers who are interested in an AWD vehicle or are considering one but aren’t sure what will work best for them. It’s also one of our favorite questions because the answer is pretty astounding: many Toyota models have AWD available, giving you a huge variety to choose from as you shop. This is expanded on when you’re looking at used vehicles since you can find models that have been discontinued and gain access to a wide range of model years from the past. Let’s say you want a nice sedan for getting around Keene, but you also want something with great traction and performance: you might check out a midsize 2020 Camry with AWD for the perfect solution.


On the other hand, if you’re interested in an SUV like many other drivers out there these days, then you have a wide variety of options available to you. From the compact RAV4 or the midsize Toyota 4Runner to the three-row Highlander and the incredibly spacious full-size Sequoia, Toyota has plenty of SUVs with AWD available. We should note that some of these have four-wheel drive (4WD) instead, but they handle very similarly (4WD can give you even greater traction for demanding conditions like going off-road).


Toyota also makes some of the most impressive trucks on the road, giving you great options for work, play, and everything in between. The midsize Toyota Tacoma is a favorite of many drivers, and you can get it with 4WD, creating one of the best trucks for hitting the trail on the market. For something a bit larger, the stunning Toyota Tundra is a terrific full-size pickup with 4WD available, giving you greater power and capability than the Tacoma. These are both very popular trucks, so finding one pre-owned with 4WD is surprisingly easy, getting you a truck you can rely on and enjoy for many years to come.



A white 2023 Toyota 4Runner Anniversary Edition is shown from the side while off-road.

Things to Consider With Used AWD Toyota Vehicles


As you shop for a used Toyota with AWD, there are certain things you should keep in mind to make your experience as rewarding as possible. For starters, pay special attention to each vehicle you look at when shopping used—this is always true, but even more so when looking for something specific like AWD. Nearly every Toyota vehicle with AWD can also be found with a different drive type like FWD, which means you need to double-check any vehicle you’re interested in to be absolutely certain the one you’re looking at has AWD.


You should also only shop at a reliable dealership that you know you can trust, with people who offer great vehicles in the best condition possible. This can help ensure that the used Toyota you’re interested in is in good shape and has been checked out to be certain its drive system looks good. The last thing you want is to buy from a private seller and discover after you’ve bought a used Toyota that they were rough on it and there’s an issue with the AWD system. Always thoroughly check out any used vehicle you’re interested in and take it for a test drive. Make sure the test drive includes engaging the AWD or 4WD system to feel it and ensure that it properly activates when expected.


Find the Used Model That’s Right for You


Shopping for a used Toyota with AWD doesn’t need to be scary or filled with uncertainty, especially when you shop at a dealership that puts your needs first. Here at Faith’s Automotive, that’s exactly what you’ll find, and it’s why we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service and amazing vehicles in great shape. You deserve to get a pre-owned vehicle that you know you can count on—Toyota is great at delivering these, and shopping at the right dealership makes it even easier. Just be sure you know what you’re looking for; you have a ton of vehicles available to you when it comes to a used Toyota with AWD, so consider other factors and narrow down your options to get everything you need. That makes it easier to drive away completely happy in a vehicle you love that has everything you’ve been looking for.

February 16, 2024
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