Safety and Driver-Assistance Features to Look for When Shopping for a Pre-Owned Truck

Today, vehicle manufacturers put a lot of time and thought into creating driver-assistance features that will significantly improve the safety of everyone on the road and reduce the likelihood of accidents. At Faith’s Automotive, our dealerships work hard to offer used trucks for sale in Westminster that feature some of the best driver-assistance features available today. Our teams are passionate about keeping the streets safer in this peaceful corner of Vermont and are confident in the abilities of many of our models to do just that. We’re always rolling in more models to see!


If it’s been a while since you explored the current driver assistance features, you might be surprised to see that there has been tremendous advancement in a short period of time. The top manufacturers have competed with each other to consistently put out top-tier driver assistance features. So, if you’re shopping for a truck today, which feature should you be looking for? Below, we will go over some features that we think make a vehicle particularly safe and boost driver convenience. You can also visit Faith’s Ford and Faith’s Toyota to see them up close and personal.


Traffic Sign Recognition


Traffic Sign Recognition is an excellent feature to have on your vehicle, especially if you have picked up one too many speeding tickets on Interstate 91. Traffic Sign Recognition uses front-mounted cameras to detect upcoming posted signs, such as speed limit signs. Then, it displays the associated icon on the driver information center. So, in case you missed the sign on the road, your vehicle will still alert you to it. The Honda Ridgeline is one of the trucks that has this awesome feature.


We understand that depending on weather conditions, which can be famously severe during Vermont winters, it can sometimes be hard to see posted speed limit signs. Additionally, if you are driving on a stretch of highway where the speed limit alternates every handful of miles, it’s easy to miss the new sign. Unfortunately, the police won’t let you off on a speeding ticket just because you didn’t see the sign. Having Traffic Sign Recognition increases the chances you are always aware of speed limit changes.


A grey 2020 Honda Ridgeline is shown from the rear at an angle.


Rear Pedestrian Detection


Many vehicles today have front pedestrian alerts, which can detect the presence of a person walking in front of your vehicle., However, we particularly like that some newer models, such as the GMC Sierra, also offer Rear Pedestrian Alert. Everyone knows the traffic can get busy at rush hour, and you need all the help you can get to avoid pedestrians when reversing out of parking spots. It uses rear-mounted cameras to monitor the back of your truck. When a pedestrian is detected, you will notice a pedestrian icon show up on your driver information center.


It’s no secret that hitting a pedestrian with your vehicle can have devastating effects. But in some situations, it is hard to monitor your surroundings at all times; pedestrians might dart behind your truck without looking. Enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing you have this useful tool.


A Digital Rearview Mirror


When you are driving a large truck, you need extra help seeing what’s happening behind it. Your side-mounted mirrors and rearview camera are helpful, but you might not always see everything. That’s why we love that some trucks, including the newer Ram 2500 and 3500 models, feature a Digital Rearview Mirror. When activated, this feature turns your rearview mirror into an additional screening display for your rearview camera footage.


You can see real-time footage of what is happening behind your truck, and all you have to do is glance up at the mirror. On the Ram, you can also adjust the tilt, pan, and brightness of this display. You can also zoom in and zoom out. So you can really treat it like a regular camera, controlling what you are seeing. Of course, when you want to use it as a standard rearview mirror to check your hair or check on backseat passengers, you can easily do so.


Driver Attention Monitoring


If you have long days of dropping off and picking up kids from Westminster Center School, running errands, and going to job sites, it’s only to be expected that you might get a little tired on the road sometimes. However, a tired driver can be a distracted driver, and we could all use a little assistance in staying alert behind the wheel. That’s why we appreciate any vehicle with a Driver Attention Monitoring system. This is an important part of Chevy’s hands-free driving technology, SuperCruise, available on the Silverado.


When activated, this system monitors your gaze and head motions to detect when you might be drowsy. Then, it sends you an alert, reminding you to pay attention to the road. Chevy is not the only vehicle that offers this; many manufacturers have some version of this today, with or without hands-free driving assistance. Depending on the model you receive, an alert can come in the form of a coffee cup on your driver information center, a steering wheel vibration, or audible alerts.


Advanced Trailering Camera Views


If you plan on utilizing the trailer and capabilities of your truck but know how much work is involved in attaching a trailer to your hitch as well as monitoring your toad vessel, we cannot emphasize the importance of trailer camera view systems. The Ram trucks once again offer this feature. So, in addition to the usual rearview camera angles, you can also see images above and around your trailer as well as behind it. GMC Sierra trucks also feature a great trailer camera mode: a transparent trailer view. This allows you to see through your trailer to get a good view of what is happening behind it.


A grey 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a dealer that has used trucks for sale in Westminster.


Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist


Maintaining your lane for long stretches on the road can be difficult—especially when strong winds are blowing across Vermont, or you hit a patch of highway that hasn’t been well maintained. That’s why we like to tell drivers to find a truck with lane-centering assist technology. Most recent models from all manufacturers have this feature today. It both alerts you when you’re departing from your lane and can gently guide you back into it when necessary by taking over steering.


Find the Features You’re Looking for When You Shop With Us


If you’re interested in experiencing any of these features for yourself, visit one of our dealerships. We can point you in the direction of used trucks that have the driver assist features you want. It’s important to us to do our part to keep the roads safe in Westminster, which is why we’re proud to carry trucks with these models. Any of our friendly and informed team members can understand what safety concerns you have and show you a truck that will help you avoid them. Visit us and see tons of used trucks from the names you love today!



We have the models discussed above, plus tons of others to explore. Shopping for a pre-owned truck doesn’t mean you have to compromise on safety. Our dealerships understand this well and are ready to show you a vast array of pickups that offer both strength and confidence on the road. We look forward to working with you and helping you discover that perfect used truck that will look out for you no matter where your journey takes you.

May 10, 2024
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