The 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning: Your Own Personal Power Plant


As electric vehicles continue to rise in popularity among drivers who desire fuel efficiency, we’re seeing increased competition among manufacturers to provide the best EV. Many EVs brag about long ranges, quick charging times, or fast acceleration with excellent towing ability. The 2024 F-150 Lightning meets these expectations, but we also find that the conversation on EVs often misses a crucial factor: an electric vehicle can provide you with a lot of power at home or out in the field, separate from what it does on the road. It’s essentially an extra tool you can take wherever you go, whether it’s a remote location or your driveway. The Lightning arrived before its competitors, allowing electric power to grace the most popular pickup ever to be built.



The F-150 Lightning arrives with two possible powertrains. The standard dual-motor powertrain provides 452 hp, while the extended battery offers 580 hp. The Lightning provides ample power that can be used off the road, which we’ll detail shortly. To make the point about how much energy is at your fingertips, consider that the higher battery can have you going 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds. Its 775 lb-ft of torque lets you tow 10,000 lbs, more than enough for your average pickup truck driver’s needs.



You can harness this power differently and use your pickup truck as a tool to be a more efficient worker or entrepreneur. Today, we’ll walk you through precisely how and why that is.



A black 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning is shown from the front at an angle.



Enhanced Pro Power Onboard



Ford’s enhanced Pro Power Onboard will provide a unique advantage for anyone who wants extra capability for jobs they plan to do at home or in the field. The Lightning is a real gift if you wish to have additional electric power.



The Lightning arrives with outlets in the front trunk (frunk), the truck bed, and inside the truck’s body. The outlets provide 120V and the juice you need for most electric tools. However, if you want more energy, upgrade to a 240V outlet to feel unlimited. You can operate handsaws, lighting, drills, and more. Construction on your house will never have been more accessible as you won’t have to run extension cords in and out of your home. If you’re at a work site, you won’t have to rely on outlets you might be sharing with co-workers (and that assumes the location has any outlets, to begin with).



No matter the location of your work, you’ll have a renewed sense of independence that’ll add more joy to your labor. There’s an extra feeling of confidence and empowerment when you know that you have your mobile workstation, which doesn’t call for you to rely on the competence of others. You’re able to succeed even when others are not thinking ahead.



As a bonus, you can also opt for USB ports in your frunk to power your devices outside (there are USB ports inside the Lightning, too). No matter what the situation calls for, you will be ready to handle it.



The Lightning Has Your Back When the Power Goes Out



We in New England are not unfamiliar with power outages. A summer thunderstorm with intense wind can knock down powerlines, and a winter storm with heavy snow and ice can do the same. These unpredictable weather conditions can leave us in the dark and, depending on the season, too cold due to no heating or too humid due to no AC. Neither are pleasant. Worse, your entire life has to come to a halt. Even with a generator, you can only power so much.



Enter the Lightning. The electric power of your pickup truck can keep your appliances running and you working, giving you a clear advantage over everyone else in town. Unike many generators, your charging will be emissions-free since you do it via an electric vehicle.



If you opt for the Ford Intelligent Backup Power system, you can charge most of your house for three days straight (up to ten days if you decide to use the charging more strategically). With your Ford Charge Station Pro connected to your home’s electric system via the home Integration System, the Lightning can automatically kick in if you lose power, meaning you can proceed without missing a beat. You can even manage the backup system from your smart device thanks to your FordPass app (your FordPass grants you a lot of other neat capabilities, so make sure to download it for your Ford ASAP).



Even if your workplace loses power, you can continue your projects. Just because the weather turned foul and knocked out the power grid will not mean your activities must cease.



You also won’t have to worry about all the food in your fridge spoiling, too, which is a nice bonus.



Keeping You Illuminated



When the New England winter encroaches and leaves us in the dark earlier and earlier, you won’t have to curtail your work outdoors because your Lightning can provide plenty of illumination. There is available exterior LED lighting so you can see your project no matter where you are. Whether in a remote location or working in your driveway late at night, your F-150 Lightning will provide a shine.



Like the Ford Intelligent Backup Power system, you can manipulate the intensity of the exterior LED lighting with your FordPass app. With a quick touch of your device’s screen, you can have the exact level of illumination you desire.



An Interior Desk



You won’t have to go inside to find a table if your labor requires occasional desk work. The Lightning’s interior can serve as one for you. You can opt to have your Lightning’s center console provide you with a flat workstation. It unfolds so that it does not take up any room when you don’t need to use it. You can place a laptop or paper to write a report or even something as simple as signing a check.



A white 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning is shown from the front at an angle while towing a camper.



Get Your Lightning at Faith’s Ford



There’s no better place to buy your Lightning than Faith’s Ford. Our team at Faith’s Ford knows the area well, so they understand precisely the type of pickup truck you need to command Vermont’s roads and off-roads. They also know you’re a busy person who wants to be a more effective and in-demand worker: the Lightning will let you be just that. This electric truck is designed with labor in mind and uses its electric nature to its full advantage. It is beneficial not only for those who need additional power but also for the environment. Ford’s ability to utilize electric power to its fullest potential speaks to the drive and ingenuity associated with the brand since its inception.



We can promise you that you’ll be thrilled with the capability the Lightning provides you. Once you own this truck, you’ll be remiss that you didn’t transition to it sooner. Its technology works overtime so that you don’t have to. Stop by Faith’s Ford as quickly as possible to see why the Lightning is the best EV option today. Faith’s Fords’ customer service is famed, and they treat those who walk through their doors as family. You won’t regret stopping by; we guarantee that.

February 16, 2024
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