The Perfect Used Trucks for Keene Drivers

What are you looking for in a truck? Finding used cars for sale near Keene is an exciting experience because it means working with dealerships like ours. We’re one of the most trusted teams in the area, proudly serving drivers throughout the region and proving our commitment to delivering an exceptional dealership experience. Our goal is to help you get excited about and have confidence in your purchase, with our work starting long before you visit our dealership and browse our extensive selection of used trucks.


Life is busy, and shopping for the best truck at a fair price can take valuable time if you don’t know where to start. We’re happy to help, saving you precious time that you can spend doing what you love with the people you love. Here’s a closer look at the best-selling used trucks on our lot and why they’ve earned a coveted place on our list of favorites.


Most Functional and Versatile Design: Chevy Silverado


The Chevy Silverado is an excellent option for Keene drivers who value functionality and versatility in a work partner. While trucks are functional by design, Chevrolet goes above and beyond to solidify the Silverado’s work ethic and ensure it can handle its fair share of the workload.


Maybe you run a local business that requires hauling equipment between job sites, or you enjoy tackling landscaping projects around the house on weekends. Either way, the Silverado is built to work with you and for you. The Silverado offers the most functional bed in the segment, from the bed itself to the multifunctional tailgate. First introduced in 2021, the Multi-Flex Tailgate has revolutionized the truck segment by transforming how drivers use their trucks. The tailgate offers six unique functions, from load stops and a full-width step to a flat work surface that can hold blueprints, a laptop, and other essentials. It complements other functional components, like the Silverado’s integrated rear bumper step and various tie-downs that make loading all types of cargo easier and hassle-free.


A black 2023 Chevy Silverado 1500 Z71 Trail Boss is shown from the side on a city street after leaving a dealer that has used trucks for sale near Keene.


Why We Love It:


  • The Silverado has a long history in the Chevy lineup, debuting in the late 1990s and proving that trucks can be functional, capable, well-equipped, and affordable.
  • The Multi-Flex Tailgate is a must-have if you rely on the truck bed to haul cargo and other items, sweetening the truck’s appeal of offering class-leading cargo volume.
  • Chevrolet’s reputation and the Silverado’s long history in the industry means aftermarket support and parts are readily available, making the truck easy and affordable to repair and modify.


Most Off-Road-Oriented: Toyota Tacoma


If you love the outdoors, a used Toyota Tacoma is the perfect truck to satiate your penchant for adventure. The Tacoma, known affectionately as the “Taco,” is revered among off-road enthusiasts because of its rugged design and confidence when venturing off the pavement. Because of this, you can expect the Tacoma to handle every adventure, from adding style to your weekday commute to venturing beyond the city limits to places like Pisgah or Monadnock State Parks.


The Tacoma’s on- and off-road prowess is part of its DNA, heightening its appeal as a used model. Toyota’s reputation for building long-lasting trucks certainly helps, with the Tacoma offering a high resale value that gives you more bang for your hard-earned dollar. Beyond this, you can expect the Tacoma to offer plenty of features, with many third-generation models sitting on the lot. Introduced in 2016, the third-generation Tacoma features a modern design with a large grille and a refined cabin. Keene drivers looking for tech options should look at 2020 or newer models since Toyota introduced Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa compatibility.


Why We Love It:


  • The Tacoma has a stellar reputation for being an agile road warrior and an adventurous trail runner.
  • Trims like the TRD Pro roll off the factory floor ready for the trail, making these models outstanding finds on the used lot because of the built-in value.
  • Tacoma models are in high demand, so buying a used one is an excellent way to avoid the higher sticker price of a new truck without compromising capability or features.
  • The aftermarket support for the Tacoma is impressive, adding ease to repairs, modifications, and upgrades.


Most Tech-Savvy and Tow-Friendly: Ford F-150


Camping is a favorite pastime for Keene residents, and many rely on trucks to haul everything from tents to campers. Fortunately, a truck like the Ford F-150, with its tech-savvy design, can make those outings more enjoyable.


The F-150 has been the best-selling truck in America for decades, and it’s easy to see why when you look at the truck’s innovative technologies. Ford incorporates cutting-edge features to ensure drivers have everything they need within reach. Because of this, venturing to one of the many campgrounds, like Woodmore Family Campground and RV Park or Forest Lake Camping Ground, throughout Cheshire County and the Monadnock region is just as enjoyable as setting up camp and sitting around the campfire.


You’ll see this firsthand in the F-150’s vast array of towing technologies. Beyond an impressive towing capacity and payload, the F-150 lessens the learning curve of towing a trailer, whether a camper or a boat. Technologies like Smart Hitch simplify the hitching process. Likewise, you can shop for a newer model on the used lot and reap the benefits of industry-leading technology like Pro Trailer Backup Assist. This tool makes navigating a trailer in reverse as easy as turning a button near the truck’s center touchscreen display. With an overlay of the trailer and its projected route, you can turn the knob and maneuver the trailer into the campsite, parking lot, or another area in one attempt.


Why We Love It:


  • The F-150’s reputation is unparalleled, with the truck named an American favorite for decades.
  • Ford gives drivers more technologies and features that mitigate the stress of hauling a trailer or towing a heavy load.
  • The F-150’s affordable price as a new truck translates incredibly well on the used lot, making it easy to find the perfect truck with a potent engine and every feature imaginable without going over budget.


A grey 2022 Ford F-150 Limited is shown from the front while towing a boat.


Most Luxurious on a Budget: Ram 1500


Keene is a picturesque New England town that offers something for everyone, from its year-round festivals and historic Central Square to its local orchards and farms, vibrant Main Street, and attractions like the Walldog Mural and Meditation Labyrinth. Regardless of your destination, whether commuting to work or dining with the family at a local hotspot like Stuart & John’s Sugar House, you deserve a truck that can get you there comfortably, confidently, and in style. This is where the Ram 1500 delivers.


The Ram 1500 is known for blending luxury and capability, giving drivers the best of both worlds without spending a fortune. The used Ram 1500 trucks on our lot live up to that reputation, providing local drivers a taste of the automaker’s rich history and success at exceeding expectations. Every Ram 1500, from fourth-generation to fifth-generation models built after 2019, offers well-equipped cabins with plush seating and many premium features that guarantee comfort wherever the road leads. Of course, Ram guarantees this luxury doesn’t compromise the truck’s capability, with the Ram 1500 offering exceptional towing and payload capacities and a host of safety, connectivity, and driver-assist technologies that heighten your experience in the driver’s seat.


Why We Love It:


  • The Ram 1500 is intricately tied to the HEMI engine, guaranteeing a steady stream of power and capability in every situation.
  • Used Ram 1500 models offer more for your money, with top-tier trims boasting leather seats, seamless smartphone integration, towing technologies, and more.
  • The Ram 1500 Rebel does double duty as a luxurious work partner and weekend adventurer, featuring a suspension lift and performance-tuned components that make it an incredible find on the used lot.


Choosing the Perfect Used Truck


Will your truck mobilize your business in Keene, or will it take you and your family for breakfast at Stuart & John’s, where pure New Hampshire maple syrup awaits? Whatever the destination, best-selling trucks like the Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, and Ram 1500 can add excitement, value, and capability to every drive. These trucks defy expectations, which makes your search more rewarding and enjoyable. Because of this, shopping for a used truck isn’t a matter of settling for less but finding a road warrior that fits every need on your must-have list.

May 24, 2024
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