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Guaranteed Credit Approval As Low As $99 Down

Bad Credit Car Loans Near Springfield VT

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Sometimes, you find yourself in a financial situation beyond your control, which can cause problems when you need to buy a new car. You may find yourself frequently breaking down on Route 143, or you may need a larger vehicle to accommodate your family. The point is, if your vehicle isn’t working for you anymore, it’s time to find a better-suited car, and you don’t have to let your credit situation affect this. There are plenty of ways to finance a car, even if your credit isn’t the best, and if you’re searching for bad credit car loans near Springfield, VT, let Faith’s Automotive help. We specialize in assisting our customers working on their credit to find the vehicles they require to take them everywhere they need to go in Springfield.

It helps to partner with a team that knows how to help customers with challenged credit because not every dealership is well-versed in these situations. This is why more Springfield drivers are choosing to trust in us when they want to make their travels safer, more comfortable, and more reliable. Whether you’re frequently taking trips to Stratton Mountain or need a more dependable vehicle to drop the kids off at Elm Hill, rest assured our family of respected dealerships can help you navigate this situation successfully.

Our Dealerships Are Equipped to Help You Get Behind the Wheel of a Great Vehicle

Faith’s Automotive group is comprised of a variety of dealerships to help you find exactly what you need for your journey around Springfield. Whether you’re looking forward to camping trips to Wilgus State Park or you finally want to say goodbye to public transportation, finding the vehicle that suits your driving needs is easy with us, even when you have bad credit. Our professionals are experienced in working with those struggling with their credit so that there’s no doubt about whether or not you’ll be able to qualify for a vehicle.

If you’re worried about our team checking your credit, don’t be! We can help you find an auto loan with no credit check required. This will allow you to shop for a vehicle that aligns with your needs more so than the vehicle you’re driving now. This will also help you to improve your credit situation by paying on a loan and eventually paying it off in full, showing major credit bureaus that you’re actively working on your credit situation. In the future, you have the chance to qualify for better loan terms with lower interest rates, and all it takes is a dealership that is willing to lend a hand.

Our team works with you to establish what you’re able to afford, as well as all of the loan details. They will then help you find a lender to partner with, using our network of trusted lenders that we have built relationships with over the years. Having these tools at our disposal puts you in good hands, especially since many dealerships aren’t prepared to deal with credit-challenged customers. We also work with you to find the right car that fits your budget because you need to be able to afford your car each month, and you never want to overextend your finances.

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What Is Considered Bad Credit?

So, are you wondering whether or not you technically fall into the category of having bad credit? Although this number may vary, anything under about 670 is typically considered bad credit. Fortunately, at the Faith’s Automotive dealerships, we can help customers with a credit score of 500 and above secure an auto loan for a better and safer vehicle. This means your daily travels past the Black River or your trips to Magic Mountain will be undeniably more comfortable.

No one plans to struggle with their credit, and whether it was the loss of a job or some unexpected debt, your credit score may have been affected. The good news is that your credit score can change, and when you start working on it diligently, you’ll be able to notice progress being made. We partner with customers with low credit scores, and we advise you to try and work on your credit as best as you can before coming in for an auto loan to enjoy better rates. This means working to pay off some debt, ensuring that you’re making timely payments on your bills, and reducing your revolving utilization.

In getting a handle on your finances, you’ll be able to come into our dealerships more confidently, but if that’s not going to be a possibility, don’t worry. We’re here for you, helping to guide you to the right set of vehicles to match your driving needs and finances, and we won’t stop working for you until you’re satisfied. That’s what makes our family of dealerships so unique in the industry. When everyone else has forgotten about you due to your low credit score, we step in to help you see that you can drive a better car, all for a price you can afford.

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About Faith’s Automotive

Faith’s Automotive offers a family of dealerships in the Springfield area, including Faith’s Ford and Faith’s Toyota, to help drivers find what they’re looking for in their everyday journeys. We specialize in helping our community move forward with absolute confidence, whether they’re navigating their commute down Route 11 or enjoying some adventuring at Hoyt’s Landing. Our inventory is stocked with high-quality vehicles from some of the top brands in the industry, just waiting to add extreme value to your travels in every possible way.

With a team that’s incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, we will help you throughout all aspects of the process. From sales and financing to servicing your vehicle, you’ll find it all right here at our dealerships. We seek to make it affordable for our customers to find the vehicles that work for them, with transparent pricing, as well as deals and incentives available. Safety and reliability are key components of a successful drive through Springfield and beyond, and we believe that everyone deserves to harness this in their vehicles.

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From a network of respected lenders to a team that can help customers with bad credit, Faith’s Automotive dealerships are ready to help you get back on the road in a vehicle that works for your travel needs. Whether you’re in an unfortunate financial situation or trying to build your credit for the first time, our professionals are there for you every step of the way. Our top priority is your success, and there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing our customers improve their credit while driving around town in a vehicle they can trust. That’s what makes our job so worthwhile, and you won’t find this level of service at many other dealerships.

So, when you want a dealership willing to take a chance on you, head to one of Faith’s Automotive’s outstanding lots and discover a better way to shop for a car. No matter your credit situation, we can’t wait to be of assistance. That’s why more Springfield drivers choose to team up with us when they want to enjoy an extraordinary lot, fair prices, and a team that is willing and eager to see you succeed.