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If you’ve been considering venturing outside the status quo regarding vehicles, alternative fuel options are an excellent opportunity to explore great range, limited maintenance, and a high-tech ride that saves you a lot of money at the pump. Ford has been offering a great selection of hybrids for some time now across multiple segments aimed at different kinds of EV shoppers. Those of you who have been considering shopping for an electric vehicle (or an EV), a hybrid electric vehicle (or an HEV), or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (or PHEV), then shopping through available models at a Ford EV dealer like Faith’s Ford is one of the best options available.



Shopping through the selection of EVs, HEVs, and PHEVs gives you a lot of variety to find something that suits your needs and provides you with the ability to step outside the box when it comes to transportation. There are a lot of benefits to going with an alternative fuel vehicle, and the sales staff can help you find the perfect Ford model that fits your needs when it comes to hybrids and plug-in hybrids. But maybe you’re not entirely sure about an alternative fuel vehicle and have some questions and concerns? No problem. The sales staff at Faith’s Ford can help you address any questions or concerns you might have to help you move forward with shopping smart for your next vehicle.





What Are HEVs and PHEVs?



HEVs and PHEVs stand for hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. They both represent vehicles that either juggle between gas-powered propulsion and electric-powered propulsion and can either be refueled at a gas pump, or in the case of a PHEV at a charge station, or both. This gives owners of hybrid vehicles options in terms of how to refuel their vehicles.



For HEVs, in particular, they are battery-powered and gas-powered, with the battery pack powering an electric motor (or multiple), offering regenerative braking. However, HEVs rely mostly on internal combustion engines to help feed power to the battery pack, so most of the power is generated from traditional fuel for an internal combustion engine. Even though HEVs do have a battery pack, you don’t have to worry about plugging them in to charge them. The benefit of an HEV, however, is that they typically work in concert with smaller engines and help reduce emissions while also maximizing gas mileage for improved fuel economy over vehicles that rely solely on internal combustion engines.



A PHEV is slightly different in that you can refuel it both at a traditional gas pump, or you can use a charge station to refill/recharge them. PHEVs benefit from having a slightly larger battery pack to power an electric motor while also working in concert with a gas engine. While it might seem inconvenient to have to charge and refill the vehicle, the benefit of a PHEV is that they provide even greater range when it comes to total fuel economy thanks to the larger battery pack. Typically PHEVs have eco-friendly modes you can take advantage of to give you the most range with reduced emissions. The other benefit of a PHEV is that you can charge it at home, making it a very convenient pick for those who want to save money on fuel.



A silver 2023 Ford Explorer is shown from the front while parking.

What HEV and PHEV Ford Models Are Available?



Ford has multiple models available that are of the alternative fuel type and are designed to accommodate both PHEV and HEV designs. This is great for those who enjoy options when it comes to vehicles that aren’t entirely reliant on having to fill up on gas alone. One popular model among Ford’s offerings is the PHEV iteration of the Escape. The Escape PHEV has been available as an alternative fuel vehicle since 2020, combining a battery pack and electric motor with a traditional internal combustion engine. The Escape is also available as a HEV, matching a slightly smaller battery pack to a traditional improved range and fuel economy, but without the need to plug it in to keep the battery charged.



Ford also has the Ford Explorer as an HEV, which occupies the role of a hybrid three-row crossover, providing larger families and those who need the extra capacity provided by the Explorer with an alternative fuel option. The Explorer HEV has been available since the Explorer’s sixth generation, providing SUV shoppers with a roomy and feature-rich crossover SUV since the 2020 model year. The Explorer HEV combines a traditional internal combustion engine with a battery pack that powers an electric motor. This offers a mix of performance and fuel economy for those looking for a well-rounded crossover SUV.



Another popular HEV from Ford is the F-150. The popular full-size pickup truck is capable of achieving its hybrid capabilities thanks to a hybrid powertrain, which combines a gas-powered engine with a battery pack that provides additional torque and performance for the F-150. This ensures that the truck not only has reduced emissions but also enables you to tow, trailer, and haul with the utmost efficiency provided by the powertrain while also helping to conserve as much fuel as possible.



The Ford Maverick is a compact pickup option within Ford’s HEV offerings. The Maverick is wildly popular for its compact size, utilitarian features, and the fact that its hybrid design enables it to take advantage of extremely impressive fuel economy ratings while still carrying out the role of being a worthwhile pickup truck. The Maverick manages to combine its combustion engine with a battery pack, enabling it to take advantage of the combined performance capabilities of the alternative fuel functionality.



What Are BEVs?



BEVs, also known as battery electric vehicles, are purely and entirely powered by a battery pack. This means that the vehicle has no internal combustion engine and does not require any kind of gas or liquid fuel to operate. Instead, a BEV is maintained entirely through electric battery charges using a charge port.



BEVs make use of both regenerative braking and both public and personal charge stations to stay charged. BEVs are typically capable of being charged by three different charger levels, including Level 1 charging from a basic 120-volt 3-prong outlet, 220-volt charging from a Level 2 charger, and a DC Fast Charge public station that provides Level 3 charging capabilities. It’s possible to make use of Level 1 charging in your home, as well as have a Level 2 charge station installed in your home to charge a BEV in your home either in the garage or in your driveway.



The benefit of a BEV is not only that it bypasses the need to refill at a gas pump but also that it offers the ability to travel to your destination quietly and without the vibrations of an internal combustion engine. BEVs also benefit from very smooth handling and quick acceleration thanks to the instantaneous torque provided by the permanent magnetic electric motors. With a BEV, your range is determined by the battery pack, so the larger the battery pack, the greater range you can get out of the vehicle. Additionally, the speed and performance of the vehicle is determined by how many electric motors it has installed on the front or rear axles.



A white 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning is shown from the front while towing a camper.


What BEV Ford Models Are Available?



Ford has various BEVs available to match the distinct needs of customers shopping for alternative fuel vehicles from a Ford EV dealer. Specifically, there is the highly popular Ford F-150 Lightning, which takes the basic design of the F-150 and turns it into a full battery-operated light-duty pickup truck. The F-150 Lightning is powered by multiple motors and is capable of towing thousands of pounds worth of cargo. You can get the F-150 Lightning in multiple battery sizes, including standard and extended-range designs. This accommodates those who need a powerful pickup for basic utility needs, as well as those who need a powerful pickup with an extended travel range for long commutes.



For those looking for a performance crossover, the Ford Mustang Mach-E is a unique combination of the classic Mustang with a more family-oriented compact SUV design. This crossover design comes in multiple trim formats and configurations depending on your vehicle needs. The Mustang Mach-E can be configured in different motor layouts for standard, extended, and performance capabilities. Whether you need a convenient BEV for daily errands and driving or a performance-oriented vehicle for nightlife and weekend trips, the Mach-E is designed to fit multiple roles.



For practical transport and large payloads, there is the Ford E-Transit, an electric version of the highly popular Transit van. The E-Transit takes the utility, capacity, and functionality of the Transit but ensures that it’s powered entirely by batteries. This includes a battery pack that is available across multiple cargo configurations, whether you need a regular or long van or a low, medium, or high design. The combination of sizes gives you versatility in the kind of BEV van that suits your needs, whether that be delivery and transportation or passenger and payloads.



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Shop Both New and Used EVs at Fath’s Ford



At Faith’s Ford, you can shop for new or used EVs that come in different models, trim formats, configurations, and designs. Having the ability to shop through new models gives you the option to find something modern with the latest advancements in battery and electric motor technology. This is an excellent option for those looking for the newest alternative fuel options provided by Ford, and the newest improvements to the latest model year offerings within the EV category.



Alternatively, if you’re looking to save money and explore the option of an EV that doesn’t have the price tag of a brand-new vehicle’s MSRP, check out the used selection of EVs. This allows you to shop for something within your budget and explore an EV with the features you want. With our online search tools and pre-owned vehicle selections, it’s possible to narrow down the used EV that fits your driving, financial, and style preferences. You can find an EV that fits the make, body style, and features you want, making it easier to find an alternative fuel vehicle that fits you personally.