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Ford F-150 Lightning Dealer

A black 2022 Ford F-150 Lighting is shown from the front at a angle in snow after leaving a Ford F-150 Lightning dealer.
Faith’s Ford is your trusted Ford F-150 Lightning dealer. Making the switch from gas to electric is a big deal, but when you shop with the team from Faith’s Ford, you can relax because you’re in good hands. Faith’s Ford has an experienced team of auto experts who know more than a thing or two about Ford and their latest electric truck, the F-150 Lightning. This advanced pickup uses the latest technology and design to create the perfect driving companion.


They are committed to helping drivers get the information they need in order to feel good about where they shop. You can browse the latest models online or stop by the showroom and see the latest all-new Lighting for yourself. Faith’s Ford is the go-to dealer in the Westminster area for good reason. Their team is invested in creating a positive, unforgettable shopping experience for every driver who comes through the door. Whether you’re a first-time car buyer or a long-time owner looking to upgrade, the extensive inventory selection and unbeatable prices combined with friendly service make Faith’s Ford the perfect place to find your next EV (electric vehicle) truck.


When it comes to financing, drivers can work with Faith’s Ford and their great financial team to get their questions answered and find the perfect financing solution for their budget. Whether leasing or looking for an auto loan, their financial specialists engage with drivers, walking step by step through the auto financing process. Upgrade your truck buying experience when you pick up the all-new Ford F-150 lightning from the Blue Oval experts from Faith’s Ford!



America’s Favorite Truck Goes Electric


There is no doubt about it: F-150 Lightning is America’s favorite electric truck! But is that really a surprise considering the Lightning, Ford’s all-electric truck, is part of the uber-popular best-selling F-Series, America’s top-selling truck? If you’re looking to upgrade your truck and get one of the toughest on the road, the Lightning comes loaded with all the bells and whistles a driver could ever possibly want, and that includes the unbeatable power that Ford trucks are known for. The Lightning takes truck performances to all new levels, exceeding all expectations of what a truck can do.


The Ford Lightning EV truck was the automaker’s first full electric pickup, marking an important milestone for the Blue Oval. It was introduced in 2021 and hit the market in 2022. Powered by two motors instead of a roaring V8 engine, the Lightning came standard with all-wheel drive and the potential to power your campsite or house if necessary. Built for work or play, the Lightning is an impressive truck that is capable of great things. Drivers will quickly find that whatever a traditional F-150 can do, a Lightning can do it, too. This is ideal for drivers wanting to switch from gas to electric but don’t want to sacrifice power.

Drivers can get the Lightning with a crew cab that can seat up to 5 passengers. If you need a truck that does double duty as a work and family vehicle, the Lightning is it. The cabin offers a high-end feel with soft and luxurious materials, advanced tech, and ample head and leg room for a comfortable drive. Complete with a suite of safety and driver assist technology, drivers get the confidence they need when they’re behind the wheel of the Lightning.

Faith’s Ford Makes Buying Your EV Easy


Ready to make the switch from gas to electric? There has never been a better time than now. If you’re new to EVs, you might have a few questions. If that’s the case, the team from Faith’s Ford has the answers! Maintaining and charging your vehicle might feel a little daunting at first, but when you work closely with the knowledgeable sales staff from Faith’s, you’ll get all the information you need before you make the jump to zero emissions. The staff there is up to date on the latest technology from Ford, including the changing technology that makes Ford’s EVs some of the best-selling on the market. From battery range to the ease of charging, the team is here to help drivers get a positive and informative buying experience when switching to an electric vehicle.


The sales team will go over questions and address concerns so you get the perfect vehicle for you. If you have questions about finding a public charging station or charging at home, no problem! They are there to help however they can. Ford’s electric lineup is getting updated and expanding each year. The Ford Lightning already has a few years under its belt, and plenty has changed since then. If you have questions about which EV is right for you, talk to the EV auto experts from Faith Ford. When you shop with the best, buying your next EV truck is easy!


A white 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning is shown from the front at an angle while towing a camper.


We Offer Certified Service and Maintenance for Electric Vehicles


With traditional gas engines, it was easy to pop the hood and poke around if you had an issue. But with the complex nature of modern engines and now EVs, drivers need the eye of an expert. That is where the skilled technicians from Faith’s Ford come in. The EV auto team is up to date and familiar with the latest green technology from Ford. They are here to make keeping your EV road-worthy quick and easy. Jump online and book an appointment that fits in with your schedule.


While it’s well known that since EVs have fewer moving parts than traditional gas vehicles, they require less maintenance and usually have lower overall service costs. However, they still need annual check-ups to keep them on track, even if you don’t need the oil changed. That is where the Faith’s Ford team of auto experts comes in. They are the pros you want when it comes to servicing your EV. Do you need to schedule annual maintenance for your EV? Do you have questions? The qualified maintenance team from Faith’s Ford is here to help. Call, click, or stop in to talk to experts, book a service, and get on with your day.


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Step Into an All-Electric Future With the Ford F-150 Lightning


Experience the powerful performance of the Ford F-150 Lightning. This latest addition to the F-Series family is the most impressive yet. Get the power and performance of a traditional F-150 truck, all with zero carbon emissions. The Blue Oval has made the impossible possible. The Lightning is a powerhouse on four wheels. It powers tools when you’re working in the field or keeps the lights on at home when a storm blows in. The F-150 Lightning is more than impressive; it’s electrifying for all the right reasons. The team at Faith’s Ford is here to make going electric fun and easy. The knowledgeable and friendly team is up to date on the latest trends and technology from Ford, including their newest electric vehicles.


If you have questions about maintenance, charging, or anything else, they have the answers and are waiting to help you. The team works closely with customers to get them into the perfect vehicle for their lifestyle and budget. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch from gas to electric, get ready to be impressed by the Blue Oval! Visit Faith’s Ford today and get behind the wheel of America’s best-selling electric truck, the F-150 Lightning. Going green has never looked so good!