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When it comes to the vehicle you drive—whether you use it to get from home to work and back home again, drop the kids off at school, or something in between—it needs to be dependable. It’s easy to understand why the Toyota lineup is a strong contender, allowing you to choose from efficient sedans, flexible SUVs, or even durable trucks. Our team at Faith’s Toyota, your Toyota dealer near Chesterfield, has a large selection of new and used Toyota models in their inventory, helping Chesterfield drivers get the best one for their needs.


Even better? They go beyond just giving you a large inventory to choose from by providing you with valuable insight into each option so that you can truly understand how it fits into your lifestyle. They’ll also answer any questions you have and explore certain features to ensure you get the best fit. While you might wonder why they take the time to focus on the details, we answer simply by saying it’s what they’ve always done. Like Toyota itself, they know that the tiniest of details matter most, which is why their team—and the Toyota brand—have a reputation for giving their customers their all. Keep reading to learn more about Toyota’s dedication through the years, to better understand why we’re proud to represent the brand, and more.

Toyota’s History of Dependability


Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the world’s most well-known vehicle manufacturers, with a lengthy history dating back to the early twentieth century. Its rise from a modest manufacturing company to a global automotive powerhouse is a testament to invention, tenacity, and strategy.

Toyota began in 1926 when Sakichi Toyoda designed the Toyoda Model G Automatic Loom. This invention transformed the textile business, dramatically increasing production and quality. A couple of years later, when Sakichi launched Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd., he likely had no idea he was laying the groundwork for the company’s future automobile venture.


It was in 1933 that Toyoda Automatic Loom Works and Sakichi Toyoda’s son, Kiichiro Toyoda, made the transition from looms to automobiles. The move was inspired by Kiichiro’s interest in the expanding automobile industry in the United States and led to the production of the company’s first passenger car, the Model AA, in 1936. From there, Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. was founded a year later as an independent corporation dedicated to car manufacturing. It didn’t take long for the company to begin producing trucks, which were in high demand due to Japan’s participation in World War II.


Following the war, Toyota faced various problems, including a downturn in economic conditions and resource scarcity. However, the company worked past those obstacles and continued its emphasis on quality and efficiency, leading to the invention of the Toyota Production System (TPS), which revolutionized manufacturing procedures. TPS emphasized just-in-time production and continuous improvement (Kaizen), creating new industry norms. This system is still in use today.


The brand saw remarkable growth throughout the 1950s and 1960s, introducing several new models, including the Corona in 1965, which became the first vehicle designed specifically for the American driver. During this time, Toyota also gained a foothold in the global automotive industry by developing production plants and sales networks in North America, Europe, and other places. Additionally, as changes in the automotive industry occurred in the late 1990s and early 2000s—including a stronger focus on sustainability—Toyota debuted the Prius in Japan and America, making it one of the first mass-produced hybrid vehicles.


Today, Toyota is a global automobile industry leader known for its dependability, quality, and innovation. The brand continues to lead in various areas, placing a strong emphasis on safety, innovation, and especially sustainability. In fact, Toyota has its sights set on being carbon neutral by 2050.


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Shop From a Fantastic Selection of New and Used Toyota Models


As mentioned above, the Toyota lineup offers an assortment of vehicles for Chesterfield drivers to consider, whether you’re taking a Sunday drive or heading to work. The first thing to consider is what you’ll use your new or used Toyota for. For instance, if you regularly commute for work, you’ll want something with top-notch fuel efficiency, such as the Corolla. Of course, you can also opt for the Camry, which has been a mainstay in the lineup since 1983. This popular sedan is consistently near the top of its class and also provides you and your passengers with ample leg and headroom, as well as a long list of safety features.


Another thing to consider that’s important for both commuting and driving is, in general, your view. By this, we mean the view from your driver’s seat as you navigate Route 63. To get the best elevation, you might want to consider an SUV, such as the Highlander, RAV4, or even the Sequoia, depending on how much space you need on the inside. You’ll find that the Toyota lineup of SUVs has many of the same great safety features you’ll find in the sedan lineup, as well as some of the latest amenities when it comes to connectivity. Plus, Toyota has worked hard to ensure its vehicles give you a smooth drive and responsive handling.


Speaking of handling, if you’re looking for a vehicle that handles whatever terrain stands in its way, you’ll likely want to check out the truck lineup. Whether you want a midsize or full-size truck, Toyota offers incredible options that will find you looking for excuses to get out and drive. Plus, each truck in the lineup can easily haul your boat or trailer, ensuring you get the chance to relax after a long work week. You’ll also enjoy Toyota’s focus on more than just performance. Rather, they carefully designed the interior of their truck lineup with as much thought as they put into their sedans and SUVs, ensuring that you and your passengers will be comfortable whether you’re headed a few blocks away or hitting the highway for a road trip. When looking through their new and used inventory, either online or in person, you’ll see that they’ve taken the time to provide you with a variety of details about each option to ensure you have everything you need to make an informed choice.


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Why Do Chesterfield Drivers Choose Faith’s Toyota?


This is a good question and one we’re proud to answer. The truth is that the Faith’s Toyota team works hard to ensure each customer they meet feels welcomed. They also focus on clear and transparent communication and providing you with a stress- and hassle-free shopping experience. After all, they know they’re not the only dealership in the area, which is why they go the extra mile to ensure you have a vehicle-buying experience that is unparalleled.


It’s this acknowledgement that might be the real reason why Chesterfield drivers choose to shop with them. Rather than push for a quick sale, they work hard to establish a long-lasting relationship with their customers, and the only way to do that is by being authentic. You’ll find support from the moment you reach out to them, whether it’s online or in person, and that support continues long after the sale with the help of their factory-trained technicians, who ensure your new or pre-owned Toyota continues to function as it should.


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Come in Today and Find a Great Toyota Vehicle


The Toyota brand has a long history of dependability in the automotive industry, and their team works hard each day to deliver the same level of quality. If you’re looking for a new or used vehicle in the Chesterfield area, stop in and talk with a member of their team today. They’ll help you determine your vehicle needs and narrow down your selection to ensure you find the best fit. Once you’ve discovered that perfect model, their finance department will be here to work closely with you to create a payment plan that fits your budget.


After the keys have been handed over and you’re out enjoying your new ride, we welcome you to return to them for all your maintenance needs. From oil changes to tire rotations, their service team is dedicated to keeping your vehicle running beautifully for many years ahead. That is the difference the team at Faith’s Toyota brings to their customers, and they look forward to getting you behind the wheel of a great Toyota vehicle.