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Used Chevy Trucks For Sale



A blue 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 is shown driving on an open road after viewing used Chevy trucks for sale.


Choosing the right vehicle is never easy. There are so many different sizes, types, and styles to decide between. This is especially true if you are looking to buy a used Chevy truck. Chevrolet offers more sizes, cab styles, engine options, and trim levels than almost any other truck company in America. This is why you need a dealership that can help walk you through making the decision, as well as finding the right one for you. This is why you need to come to Faith’s Automotive and our Ford and Toyota dealerships if you are looking for used Chevy trucks for sale.


When you realize that there are more used trucks available for sale today than new ones coming off the assembly line, you are sure to feel a little overwhelmed. Fortunately, at Faith’s Automotive, we offer a friendly and experienced sales staff that can walk you through your options, allowing you to find exactly what you want out of your next pickup. Our dealerships have an extensive inventory of used trucks to choose from, including some of Chevy’s most popular models. This means that if you are looking for a particular trim level or engine on your used Chevy truck, then you are sure to be able to find it here. It also means you don’t have to look all over New England for your next used Chevy truck. When you visit us in Westminster, Vermont, you know that you can drive out with your next truck the same day.

A Truck Is the Perfect Vehicle for Tackling New England Winters


For those who have spent most of our lives here in New England, we know that winter can be a real challenge. We get more than our fair share of wet, icy snow, making traveling around here hazardous. This is why real New Englanders know you need a pickup truck to handle whatever nature can dish out. The high ground clearance, rugged exterior, and heavy traction of a truck means you can get up, over, or around most of the snow you encounter. It also allows you to attach a snow plow to your front end so you can help keep your driveway clear.


What many New Englanders don’t seem to know is that we live in a very hilly part of the country. These mountains make for some great skiing in the winter, but the challenge is to get to them when the weather turns rough. This is why it is so important for us to have the right vehicle for getting around. A used pickup truck is ideal for New England. Many of them have features like hill descent control that provide the right amount of horsepower and braking for getting down a hill or mountain without losing control. They also have four-wheel drivetrains and all-terrain tires to provide the traction and grip you need to ensure that you can handle the terrain here in a very safe manner.


When you stop into one of our dealerships, we will show you some of the best used truck models around. Each is in our inventory because we know it can handle the rigors of living in New England. Just like you, we have to face the rough weather and challenging terrain with the knowledge that we can get to work no matter how bad things get in the winter.


A man is shown leaning into the bed of a red 2022 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Z71 that's towing a camper.An Overview of the Silverado 1500, 2500 HD, and 3500 HD Models


The Chevy Silverado truck began life as the top trim level of its truck lineup back in the 1970s. When customers bought a Silverado trim on their Chevy truck, they knew they were getting the latest in comfort, convenience, capability, and performance. So, it was only natural that when Chevy decided to upgrade its pickup truck lineup for the new millennium, it chose to call the truck Silverado.


The flagship model of the Chevy lineup is the Silverado 1500. This full-size, light-duty truck represents one of the most versatile models on the road. It is also one of the most popular passenger vehicles in America. This is because the Silverado 1500 combines capability and styling. No matter which trim level you choose, you are getting a used truck that is comfortable to ride in and enjoyable to drive. It also delivers the ability to tow heavy trailers and large payloads, no matter which model you choose.


The folks at Chevy seem to understand that each driver wants something different from their used truck. This is why you can find the Silverado 1500 with different cab styles, payload bed sizes, engine choices, drivetrains, and trims. Each driver can choose a two-door, single-row regular cab, a two-door, two-row double cab, or a two-row crew cab with two full-size doors. Each has its advantages, like the crew cab’s roominess, the regular cab’s work truck capability, and the double cab’s versatility.


You can also choose between rear-wheel and four-wheel drive, except for specialized off-road models like the ZR2 and Z71. Finally, Chevy always offers three payload bed choices, at least one diesel engine option, and more trim levels than you can count on the Silverado 1500. As a result, you can find a used Silverado 1500 with so many different combinations that you will have no trouble getting one that checks all the boxes for you.


The Silverado 2500 HD and 3500 HD are the heavy-duty models of the Chevy lineup. These are the ones you get to take on the toughest jobs. A used heavy-duty truck can tow heavier trailers and carry more cargo in its payload bed than any other model. Like its full-size namesake, the Silverado 2500 HD and 3500 HD come with many options and choices of drivetrain, payload bed size, cab style, engine, and trim. This differs from many other automakers that limit the available options on their heavy-duty trucks. For example, Chevy has always offered the Silverado 2500 HD and 3500 HD with at least one gas and one diesel engine option. There aren’t many other brands that can make this claim.


A blue 2022 Chevy Colorado Z71 is shown driving on a city street.A Look at the Chevy Colorado


Even though it is named for a great state out west, a used Chevy Colorado is perfect for folks like us who call New England home. This midsize truck is perfect for folks who do light-duty work or are new to trucking. This is because the Colorado may have the ruggedness, capability, and dependability of a larger vehicle, but it drives more like a smaller vehicle. This added maneuverability is why so many drivers choose a used Chevy Colorado for their first truck.


The Colorado has evolved to where you can choose between two styles. The lower trims are perfect for work or family driving. They are built to handle the road and give you surprising towing and hauling capabilities for a truck of its size. Meanwhile, the Z71 and ZR2 models are ideal for hitting the trail. These off-roaders have all the features you need to tackle the rough terrain here in New England. They have four-wheel drive, skid plates, and other equipment, so you know you can get through whatever you encounter while on the trail.


Like the Silverado models, Chevy has always offered many great options on the Colorado. For example, you can always choose between different engines on this truck to decide if you want high-performance, heavy trailering, or exceptional fuel economy. When you buy a used Chevy Colorado, you will be in the driver’s seat, choosing exactly what you want in a midsize pickup truck.


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We Have the Perfect Used Chevy Truck for You


At Faith’s Automotive, we make getting the right used truck easy. When you arrive at one of our dealerships, our sales team members will get to know you and find out what you are looking for in a truck. Whether you are looking to use it for work, family, or a little of both, our friendly salesperson will be able to help you choose the right one for you. They will walk you through all of the available used Chevy trucks in our inventory, letting you know all of the features and capabilities of each. You will also get a complimentary AutoCheck vehicle history report on the used Chevy truck you choose, letting you know vital information like prior usage, open recalls, and whether it has ever been in an accident.


Once you have chosen your next Chevy truck, our finance team will meet with you to go over all of your options. If you are like most folks, you will need to get a loan for your used Chevy truck. This is not a problem as we have plenty of financing options designed to fit your budget with competitive terms. We are also here for you after you drive off in your next used Chevy truck. Our service department can help you with everything from routine maintenance to major repairs. Stop into Faith’s Automotive today and drive out with your next used Chevy truck!