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A yellow 2019 Ford Ranger and a blue 2019 Ford F-150 are shown parked off-road.



If you’re looking for a great used Ford truck dealer in Vermont with a fantastic selection and a team that’s ready to help you find the perfect model, look no further than Faith’s Automotive and our Westminster dealerships! We make sure to stock our lots with many Ford truck models, such as the F-150, the Ranger, and the Super Duty. We know that truck lovers have different expectations, so we make certain that we have a variety of trucks to match our customers’ needs. While one person will do well with a midsize Ranger, another might do well with the behemoth that is the Super Duty. If you’re unsure which one works for your purposes, don’t fret! We have you covered. Our teams at Faith’s Ford and Faith’s Toyota are knowledgeable in the Ford lineup and can help you find a great pre-owned model.



Buying a used truck is a smart investment. You’ll be able to buy at a discount, and you’ll be buying from a dealership instead of a seller, so you’ll know you can trust the truck’s condition, as we only offer high-quality used trucks in our dealerships. Thanks to how powerful trucks have become over the past decade, you won’t be sacrificing capability when you buy used, either. Plenty of used trucks can tow well over 10,000 lbs. In addition, by looking at used options, you expand your possibilities instead of relying solely on what’s brand new, which would be a much smaller slice of the truck market. At Faith’s Automotive, we stand ready to help you decide which truck works best for you!





Check Out a Pre-Owned Ford F-150



The F-150 is renowned for being both a powerful truck and a comfortable ride. In fact, it offers a double cab build that has rapidly become popular with Vermont families due to the spacious seating and infotainment system. Each new model of the F-150 pushes forward the possibilities of a luxurious truck. With large crystal clear touchscreens, every F-150 provides drivers with an easy-to-operate system that lets them access their device’s apps and any installed navigation programs.



Its safety system is great, too. For many models, a safety suite will come standard, granting drivers security and alert programs along with a plethora of camera viewpoints so that they know what is happening around their truck and trailer at all times. You can enjoy some extra luxury features in certain models, like a sunroof or massaging seats, the latter of which is great if you tend to take long rides.



That’s not to say the F-150 is all about the fancy life and does not provide some stellar towing, though. It’s a workhorse of a truck, especially when you opt for the single cab with a longer truck bed that can safely hold thousands of pounds. The F-150’s truck bed is smartly designed, including plenty of tie-downs, so you can travel with peace of mind, knowing your payload is safe and sound.



Towing, too, is a mission the F-150 enjoys. For instance, the 2020 F-150 can tow up to 13,200 lbs with the Trailer Tow package and the twin-turbo V6 engine that provides 375 hp. Torque is integral to how well a truck can tow, and it is consistently sky high with an F-150, making it one of the most powerful pickup trucks in its class. When you’re towing, you’ll especially love how smooth and gentle the F-150’s ride is. You won’t feel like there’s a huge trailer behind you; instead, you’ll enjoy the sense of command an F-150 grants to all its drivers.



A silver 2021 Ford F-150 Tremor is shown from the side in a creek.



We Also Carry Many Used Ford Ranger Models



The Ford Ranger is Ford’s midsize truck, which has a consistent history of outdoing other midsize trucks in the same class. In particular, it often has standard safety programs that one has to upgrade for in other midsize trucks. Of course, this is always the story of the Ranger, which manages to stay a step ahead of its competition no matter the model year.



The Ranger is smaller than the F-150, but that does not mean it’s not up for the tasks you want to accomplish. You’ll notice its commanding ride even if you’re blasting over some rough terrain. For those whose weekends are filled with trips to the great outdoors, the Ranger will become a treasured purchase. Many models come with selectable drive modes, which make sure it always operates in a fashion best for the terrain you’re traversing. Those who have to drive in even the worst of Vermont’s winter weather will love being behind the wheel of a Ranger.



Its off-road capabilities do not come at the cost of payload and towing. In fact, the towing and payload only add to the off-road fun you can have, as you’ll be able to bring along whatever you need to make your vacations more memorable. Most recent model years, like 2021, come with the ability to tow well over 7,000 lbs, which translates to the Ranger being able to tow substantially more than its own weight. Payload is impressive in most models, too, allowing you to pack in almost 2,000 lbs in models from 2020 and 2021. You’re going to enjoy all this power while also owning a truck that is a bit more nimble on the road, perfect if you’re often driving in the city yet still need solid capability.



A grey 2023 Ford F-350 is shown from the side while towing a camper after leaving a used Ford truck dealer..


Take a Look at Our Pre-Owned Ford Super Duty Inventory



The Ford Super Duty: the story is right in the name. This massive, strong truck ensures that all eyes on the road are on your pickup. Its stature is intimidating and lets everyone know that you’re a driver on a mission. The design of the truck, while touched up over the years but largely keeping the same iconography, has etched itself into the American mind as the premiere pickup truck. If you ask the average person to envision a truck, the odds are good they’re picturing one that closely matches the design of the Super Duty.



The Super Duty is not just one type of truck, either. It’s a category that the F-250, F-350, and F-450 all fall into. Each of these types can do incredible towing and carry a high payload, but if you’re a driver who wants to move mountains, the F-450 is the truck for you. Certain models from 2021 and 2022 can have you towing close to 40,000 lbs, provided you have a fifth wheel and gooseneck hitch. If you want to show up to work signaling that you’re the person who can best get things done, then the Super Duty is, without question, the pickup truck for you. This is a serious truck for serious pickup drivers.



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We’re Here to Help You Find a Fantastic Pre-Owned Ford Truck



When it comes to trucks, our dealerships simply cannot be beat. Our teams know and love trucks and all the fun that comes with owning one. When you step foot into one of our dealerships, we’ll wow you with our outstanding customer service and affordable pricing. We value the bonds we form with our customers and want you to be the next driver to join the Faith’s Automotive family.



We also have a parts and services department so you can rely on us for all your automotive needs. Your driving life is far better and easier when you know you can take care of automobile issues all at the same location. Our technicians are highly skilled and are as passionate about trucks as our customer service experts. Do yourself a huge favor and visit one of our dealerships to purchase a used truck that’ll make life more exciting. We’ll help you find that special pre-owned truck that fits your needs and budget.