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Used RAV4 For Sale


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There are many things that have changed about the vehicle buying experience through the years. Purchasing a used vehicle is no longer the roll of the dice it once was, and many can keep running remarkably well, even past the point of 100,000 miles. One thing that remains consistent in this endeavor is the importance of finding a vehicle of discernible quality that can be acquired for a reasonable price. At Faith’s Automotive, we’re familiar with the search that so many people participate in every year. Isn’t it time you found a way to make things easier? That’s where our dealerships and extensive inventories come in.



If you’re looking for a sustainable vehicle that can go the extra distance for you year after year, you might want to consider the Toyota RAV4. A popular choice among the various SUVs that currently exist in the marketplace, finding a used RAV4 for sale is easier than you might think. All it takes is a trip to Faith’s Toyota. They’re a part of our family, and when you shop with them, they’ll be sure to treat you like one of theirs. They’ll help you make a choice that ideally fits your lifestyle and take the time to answer any questions you might have about the RAV4 or any other vehicle you might be considering. They’re here to help you find the best model for your unique driving needs.





Why the Toyota RAV4 Is a Fantastic Pre-Owned Option



The Toyota RAV4 was certainly ahead of its time when it debuted for the 1996 model year in the US. While the SUV boom was still a few years away, Toyota proved that subcompact and smaller-sized SUVs could be ideal for a wider demographic of customers. They could be utilized by families, off-roaders, and even those who just wanted a functional and effective means of transportation. The impact made by the RAV4 can certainly be seen in the number of units that are sold every year. Over 400,000 RAV4 models were sold each year from 2017 to 2021, and annual sales have never been below 100,000 since 2005. The Numbers don’t lie, and these figures show the public’s trust in Toyota.



A common concern that many drivers have with the purchase of any used vehicle is how reliable they can be and how much they can expect to pay in terms of annual repair costs. Toyota has a long-standing reputation for being one of the most sustainable brands, and the RAV4 is certainly a shining example of this. The annual costs to keep a RAV4 on the road stall below the threshold of nine years after the manufacturing date. In this same amount of time, the chances of a RAV4 needing a major repair remain relatively low at less than 14 percent. This is far better than the industry average by a substantial margin by a difference of over $3,000.



One of the other aspects that has led many drivers to seek out the RAV4 as their vehicle of choice is its impressive fuel economy statistics. It’s important to remember that there are a lot of factors that go into how much you’ll be spending at the pump. Items such as driving habits, the quality of fuel, powertrain, and year play a significant role. However, the results from the past few years regarding fuel economy ratings have been rather favorable.



Remarkably, annual fuel costs, which fluctuate based on fuel prices, have been up to $2,000 at the high end of the scale and less than $1,200 at their most favorable. The best numbers belong to the hybrid edition of the RAV4, with the other numbers belonging to off-road-oriented trims and others equipped with AWD. When it comes to choosing a RAV4, fuel economy will certainly vary of the drivetrain you opt for. No matter what your final choice may be, you have the potential to save a considerable amount and go further in between trips to the pump. These are all numbers that don’t lie. The RAV4 just might be the most important purchase you make in the upcoming year, and visiting our team at Faith’s Toyota might be the best trip you ever decide to take.



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Our Commitment to Providing You Reliable, High-Quality Vehicles

Shopping with Faiths Toyota is much more than visiting a dealership. They wouldn’t be part of Faith’s Auto Group if we weren’t certain that they didn’t put their best efforts forward to assist their customers and offer the highest levels of quality assurance. This isn’t just a matter of having quality vehicles on their lot; it means having nothing for sale that they wouldn’t have in their driveways. A little bit of faith goes a very long way, and shopping with Faith’s Toyota or any of our other dealerships means having an advantage over the competition and coming out on top every single time.



Financing Your Used Toyota RAV4 Has Never Been Easier




A major part of the vehicle shopping process that many people dread has less to do with finding a vehicle they want and much more to do with the application for financing. Many of us have been led to believe that anything of above-average quality is meant for those with a disposable income. This is certainly not the case, and any dealership, especially Faith’s Toyota, can provide you with financing options that meet your needs.



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We understand that everyone’s financial situation differs from each other. This is why our dealerships will work closely with you and your financial situation to get you behind the wheel. With a low down payment and monthly payments that are affordable and easy to make, you can be assured that you’ll get the best vehicle and the best rate.



Trade In to Trade Up



If what you’re driving at the moment is no longer the apple of your eye, you can trade it with us to trade up in quality for a used RAV4. This is a great way to lower monthly payments by utilizing your vehicle as a form of equity. You can get a rate right from our website, and we’ll make you an offer that’s too good to refuse.



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Get Behind the Wheel of a Great Pre-Owned Toyota RAV4 Today



If you’re ready to get behind the wheel of a used Toyota RAV4 and start a brand new chapter, the experts at Faith’s Toyota will be happy to assist you every step of the way. They’ll not only help you choose a model that works best for your situation but also go over the various features of the vehicle and what it has to offer you in terms of quality and craftsmanship. They’ll even walk you through the financing process to help you discover a payment plan that best fits your budget, Whether you’re a first-time shopper, someone who has counted on Toyota for the past several years, or you’re just considering what might be best for you, they’re there to help you get behind the wheel and head toward a bold new phase of your life, and will be there for you throughout the ownership of your RAV4 with their dedicated service center. They’ll get you the keys, but the destination is yours.