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Are you looking for a used Toyota dealer near Keene? At Faith’s Automotive and our multiple dealerships throughout Westminster, VT, our specialty is the same as our mission: help Keene drivers find an excellent used Toyota model. Toyota sedans, SUVs, and trucks are all part of the shopping experience, and no matter which class type you prefer, our team has all the tools and necessary information to ensure you don’t leave without any of your most crucial questions answered and that you don’t leave empty handed either.



Toyota cars, whether that’s the Corolla, Camry, or 4Runner – our teams know the lineup so if you would like a look around, we’re more than ready to guide you around the lot and show you what the phenomenal world of Toyota can offer you. It’s not only about the vehicles, however, and that’s why we believe the adventure you take when you visit one of our dealerships is a lifelong memory, especially since you’ll be forming memories with the Toyota vehicle you buy for years to come.


An Overview of the Toyota Brand



Toyota’s reputation as a trustworthy Japanese automotive brand is well-earned, and if you look at a list of best-selling automobiles in any recent year, you’re likely to see a Toyota model there. This is largely thanks to the Toyota Corolla, one of the most instantly recognizable vehicles on the market, thanks again in large part to the sheer volume of Corolla models that have shipped over the years.


The Toyota Corolla perfectly encapsulates everything Toyota is about – giving the masses what they need, and while they’re at it, they may as well give them what they want, too. This is best seen in the Corolla because you have more finite choices in how you wish to buy your car. For example, the Corolla is available as both a sedan and hatchback. With the sedan model, you can opt for a hybrid powertrain, and the hatchback models can be upgraded with exceptional performance thanks to some models offering a turbocharged engine. The Corolla is fairly priced – competitively so – and is a great launching point for any aspiring Toyota shopper.



A blue 2023 Toyota Camry Nightshade is shown from the front at an angle.


Toyota sedans don’t stop with the Corolla. When shopping for a Toyota vehicle, you can also opt for the legendary Prius that assisted in trailblazing the concept of hybrid vehicles to the masses and has evolved into one of the best fuel-efficient rides you can purchase. And, like the Corolla Hybrid, the Camry is also available with a hybrid powertrain. The Camry regularly has a higher starting price than the Corolla, but the former commonly outputs stronger performance. The Camry is a midsize sedan, while the Corolla is a compact, but both have excellent cargo space, and the same can be said for their hatchback counterparts. The Prius has plenty of cargo space, although if you purchase the PHEV model – the Prime – it slightly affects cargo space.



If you’re in the market for an SUV, then Toyota SUVs are amongst the best on the market. The Corolla Cross is a great entry point for Toyota shoppers who don’t want a sedan because of its size but are still drawn to the benefits and features of the Corolla. All the best parts about the Corolla are presented in the Corolla Cross, including performance and infotainment tech, but cargo space is a tremendous increase thanks to the change in class. There’s also a hybrid variant of the Corolla Cross, much like the Corolla sedan.



The Toyota RAV4 is another Toyota SUV, and it’s a versatile and cost-effective option. The RAV4 is available in a hybrid configuration, but there’s also the RAV4 Prime, which is the strongest performer of the RAV4s with the option for plug-in charging. However, the pinnacle of off-roading performance in Toyota’s lineup is the 4Runner, the one Toyota SUV that can be suited with a 4×4 drivetrain and off-roading tech.



Other Toyota SUVs include the Venza, which is a sleek and highly efficient SUV that comes standard with a hybrid powertrain. Depending on the Venza model you buy, it comes standard with AWD and a feature-packed infotainment center. Then there’s the Highlander and Grand Highlander, both three-row SUVs. As three-row SUVs, they’re the perfect family vehicles within Toyota’s repertoire and spacious for people to sit comfortably and any cargo you need to stow away for the trip. You can purchase hybrid variants of either SUVs, which doesn’t detract from the excellent cargo space you get.



Toyota trucks provide exceptional performance with the Tacoma and Tundra, along with the Tundra i-FORCE Max. The Tacoma is a midsize truck that comes in at a great price, has a plethora of performance options, and offers various configurations from bed sizes, trim levels, and more. The Tundra is a full-size truck with the most performance and the best machine for towing within Toyota’s lineup. The Tundra i-FORCE Max incorporates a more powerful version of the base powertrain with boosted horsepower and torque.



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We Offer a Great Selection of Used Toyota Models



When shopping for your Toyota vehicle at Faith’s Automotive’s multiple locations, we welcome you to explore our large selection of pre-owned models. Whether you’re looking for a sedan, hatchback, SUV, truck, or one of Toyota’s electric or hybrids, we’ve got you covered with great prices on your favorite Toyota cars. We can supply you with a detailed history report so that you know the intricacies of the vehicle’s past, including the number of previous owners, any possible accidents, etc. Our used models include Toyota favorites, along with cars from other prolific automotive manufacturers. We’ll also help you find a loan agreement that gets you driving your new car the same day you visit our dealership.



We’re Here for Keene Drivers



Keene is the perfect place to drive around in your new Toyota car, and we’re here to help all Keene drivers find their dream car without having to travel far. When you shop for your Toyota at Faith’s Automotive, you’re buying it from people who know you need tires for the snow and that you may enjoy your days off off-roading at the Hopkinton-Everett OHRV Trails Area, or maybe you need to drive down to Massachusetts for the day, whether to see a Boston Celtics or Boston Bruins game at the TD Garden or perhaps visiting Springfield or Worcester.



You may also work in Manchester or Concord and need great fuel efficiency. We all know that I-9 can wreak havoc on your fuel tank, and examples like this are why, if you don’t buy an efficient vehicle, even getting down Main Street past Central Square likely won’t save you as much money. We’re your neighbors in Westminster, so you can trust us for all your automotive needs in New Hampshire and other areas of New England.



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Find Your Ideal Pre-Owned Toyota With Us Today



All you need when shopping for a vehicle is a dealership that cares about pairing you up with the right one. It’s not uncommon for people to experience buyer’s remorse when they purchase a vehicle on their own accord and don’t consult with anybody. But when you shop for your vehicle at Faith’s Toyota and Faith’s Ford, you’re discussing everything with the experts with all the answers and the enthusiasm you deserve when visiting a business.



Every Toyota vehicle we sell is another step towards a better and more connected Keene, and as the go-to store for any of your automotive needs, we’re proud to be your local dealership with a selection of Toyota vehicles you can’t afford to miss, along with pre-owned vehicles from everyone’s favorite manufacturers. We’re also a convenient location for any servicing jobs your vehicle requires, thanks to our on-site service center and certified technicians. Visit Faith’s Automotive today because your perfect pre-owned Toyota is waiting for you to take it home!