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A grey 2020 Toyota Highlander is shown parked on the side of a city street.


Looking for a vehicle that can handle a Vermont winter of slush, snow, and ice, as well as the mud and puddles of Vermont’s “fifth season?” You’ve come to the right place because, at Faith’s Toyota, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of inventory with the help of a friendly and knowledgeable sales team who can point you in the right direction. For many drivers, the right direction is a used Toyota Highlander for sale; it’s rugged, tough, reliable, and still has the creature comforts you need to feel warm and comfortable.


Faith’s Toyota has Highlander models in a variety of the most recent model years and with a multitude of trim levels, which means you’ll find equal parts quality and quantity when you shop there. There are plenty of reasons to choose the Toyota Highlander, especially at Faith’s Toyota; not only will you be shown top-quality vehicles, but you’ll also have some of the best associates at hand, ready to help you get where you need to go, whether you’re looking for your next Highlander or your very first one. When you shop at Faith’s Toyota, you’ll see what a difference it makes visiting a dealership whose mission is to provide only exceptional used vehicles to their clients, as well as an easy and stress-free vehicle buying process.

A Look at the Toyota Highlander



Toyota’s introduction of the Highlander marked the beginning of a new generation of SUVs, as well as the beginning of a new century. In 2001, the Highlander appeared in dealerships around the country, and people immediately began to take notice. The first generation Highlander was such a hit that it has become a staple of Toyota’s inventory ever since. Though it has been through the typical cycle of redesigns, updates, and upgrades, it has remained a steadfast choice for fans of the Toyota brand, and with such glowing commendations, there’s no sign of the Highlander retiring any time soon.


In fact, the Highlander is so sought after that it is one of the best-selling SUVs in the Toyota lineup. Praised for its ample space for passengers and cargo, Toyota’s innovative technology for safety and entertainment is also a celebrated feature, along with their environmentally friendly option, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Other reasons people flock to the Highlander as their family SUV of choice include its smooth ride, notable fuel economy, and flexible interior configurations.


With the Highlander, you can seat up to eight people, including the driver, and utilize the massive cargo area for everything from luggage to larger pets and a cart full of groceries. Everyone has a comfortable seat and can look forward to an enjoyable ride with fewer stops to fuel up. Toyota’s large SUV also has plenty of safety and driver-assist functions thanks to their Toyota Safety Sense suite, which has been installed in Highlanders since 2015, so even if you’re buying used, you’re likely to have an iteration of this package, which works primarily to prevent accidents from happening, with features like a pre-collision system and lane departure alert.


Other factors when considering a used Toyota Highlander is the hybrid model has great fuel efficiency, and the more recent regular gas-powered Highlander models come equipped with a powerful V6 engine, which still conserves fuel while providing ample power. The driving experience is unparalleled compared to its midsized competition due to its incredibly easy handling and is safer because of its array of features, like backup cameras being standard across the trim levels since 2018. Whether you’re interested in an SUV for your next family vehicle or looking for a reliable and efficient daily commuter, you’ll be ecstatic at what the Highlander has to offer. When you’re behind the wheel of a Toyota Highlander, you won’t have to deal with an uncomfortable, bumpy ride or lack of safety and driver assistance tools. Instead, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, knowing that the Highlander is there for you wherever your travels take you.

A blue used 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Platinum for sale is shown from the front parked on a brick driveway.


Why Shop for a Used Highlander?


When you shop for a used vehicle, you’re most likely looking for a model that will retain some of its value, has room for you and your regular passengers, and won’t be too high maintenance. This is why Faith’s Toyota often recommends the Highlander to drivers looking for a combination of value and affordability. The Highlander is inexpensive to maintain, repair costs are typically low, there’s plenty of room for whatever your travels require, and it retains nearly 50% of its value after the first five years, which is unheard of for SUVs. In fact, there are no other large SUVs that retain that much value and other SUVs cost way more to repair and maintain over a period of ten years.


The Highlander can also serve multiple purposes, which include notable towing and hauling capabilities, opening up a seemingly endless amount of possibilities of what you can do with this rugged traveler. You can take the family for a weekend getaway or summer vacation and bring along your camper, or you could hitch a trailer to the Highlander and tow ATVs, motorcycles, four-wheelers, and other recreational vehicles. You’ll no longer have to choose between that kayak and jet ski; just bring both.


If you’re into more rugged activities, the Highlander isn’t a bad choice for a light off-road vehicle. Because of its size, ground clearance, and available all-wheel drive system, it can handle mild to moderate terrain with no trouble at all. This is especially helpful when navigating inclement weather, detours, and bumpy terrain, whether for enjoyment or practical purposes. It’s easy to see why the Toyota Highlander is so popular; there’s plenty you can do with it, and it’s packed with features suitable for a wide range of activities.


So why choose a Toyota Highlander as your next vehicle? You’ll be investing in your future, you’ll have the opportunity to try a range of activities, and the Highlander was built to keep everyone in and around it safe. It’s the best choice for those with larger families, those who enjoy sports, camping, and other fun throughout the year, and those who live in more rural areas who might need to utilize the Highlander’s off-road expertise at various points over the seasons. It’s a dream to drive, and we’re confident that with one test drive, you’ll easily fall in love with this exceptional midsize SUV.


A red 2020 Toyota Highlander is shown driving on a dusty dirt trail.

Why Shop at Faith’s Toyota?


Shopping for a vehicle can be a frustrating, stressful, anxiety-inducing experience. That’s why Faith’s Toyota makes it a point to assist drivers in a pleasant, knowledgeable way, never pushing you toward something you don’t want to drive. Faith’s Toyota has served many drivers over the years, and associates know how difficult it can be to make a final decision when it comes to buying a used vehicle. With their expertise, you’re in good hands, and they can handle everything from giving you information on specific models to assisting you through the financial process, even helping figure out a payment plan that will work for almost anyone.


You deserve to have a great experience when buying a used vehicle, and Faith’s Toyota has created an atmosphere where drivers can come in, chat with an associate, look over their vast inventory, and then talk about financial options without having to scramble for paperwork or take a few days to think before making a purchase. When you shop at Faith’s Toyota, they have your back. They will listen to your needs and wants and help you find some fantastic options for your next trusted travel companion.


When you shop at Faith’s Toyota, you also become part of the Faith’s Toyota community. They offer full-service financing, repair, and maintenance services that are often less expensive than competitors and high-quality vehicle options for every driver that walks through the door. You’ll love the transparency, variety of services they provide, and experience of buying a new-to-you vehicle at Faith’s Toyota. The bottom line? Shop at Faith’s Toyota for a better buying experience. You’ll receive star treatment even if you need to think about your purchase before signing on the dotted line. You matter at Faith’s Toyota, and you’ll know it from the moment you walk in the door.


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Take Your Daily Drive to the Next Level With a Great Pre-Owned Toyota Highlander


Live near the Westminster area, or just driving through? Visit Faith’s Toyota and take a look around; there’s plenty to see, a friendly team to talk to, and you can take your time browsing and asking questions. The team at Faith’s Toyota enjoys offering their time and knowledge to drivers because they know what it’s like to experience a less-than-stellar purchasing experience. That won’t happen at Faith’s Toyota, whether you’re buying a Highlander or another Toyota model.


The Toyota Highlander, however, is sought after for a reason. It can even make Vermont winters less miserable, pampering drivers with its features and assistive tech so that no matter where you’re going, you’re getting there in comfort and style. As one of Toyota’s most popular SUVs, the Highlander has quite the reputation to maintain and has been exceeding those expectations with flying colors, year after year. Interested in learning about the Highlander firsthand? Curious about what it would be like to test-drive one? Visit Faith’s Toyota today and see how a pre-owned Toyota Highlander can add exceptional value and capability to your everyday travels.