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2024 Toyota GR86

A black 2024 Toyota GR86 Premium is angled left.The Toyota GR86 is a true unicorn in the automotive marketplace. It represents a unique departure from so many other vehicles available from other manufacturers that focus almost entirely on crossovers, trucks, SUVs, and now EVs. With the GR86, it’s a throwback to the pony car principle of having something small, sporty, and affordable for those who want a great looking vehicle that handles well on the road but doesn’t cost an arm or a leg to indulge in a performance-oriented sports car experience. The introduction of the GR86 has its roots dating back to the 2012 model year, and represents Toyota’s willingness to depart from what everyone else is doing on the market, providing an economic competitor to other vehicles like the Mazda Miata, Ford Mustang, and Chevy Camaro.

For the 2024 Toyota GR86, the two-door sports coupe has received a throwback package that pays homage to the iconic Toyota AE86 Trueno. The 2024 GR86 Trueno package is bound to be popular among car enthusiasts thanks to the same two-tone color scheme as the classic AE86 rendition, with a black hood and black side stripes along the door. The Trueno package is also available in either Halo and Black or Track bRed and Black. Additionally, there is a new Performance Package available featuring Sachs dampers and Brembo brakes with red calipers. The Performance Package contents are also automatically included in the Trueno Package.

You can get the 2024 GR86 in eight different base colors, including Track bRed, Halo, Raven, Pavement, Steel, Trueno Blue, Neptune, and Solar Shift. Each of the colors gives the GR86 its own unique visual flair and a truly sports-infused aesthetic. The sports coupe is also available in three different trims that target the different types of sports car shoppers out there, starting with those looking for a base entry-level sports car, which might be drawn to the base GR86 trim. For those looking for a bit more of a performance-tuned iteration of the vehicle, the GR86 Premium trim offers 18-inch matte black wheels, a color-keyed duckbill spoiler, and a complimentary 1-year NASA membership. Finally, the GR86 Trueno Edition offers such enhancements as red leather accents and Trueno badges throughout the vehicle.



MSRP: Est. $30,000 [a]


Horsepower (hp): 228


Torque (lb-ft): 184


0 to 60 (mph): 6.1


A red 2024 Toyota GR86 is shown rounding a corner on a racetrack.

The 2024 Toyota GR86 is powered by a naturally aspirated 2.4-liter Boxer engine that was actually designed for the GR86 in collaboration with Subaru, who popularized the use of the Boxer in their vehicles. Transferring this frame of engineering ideology from the Subaru to the GR86 has resulted in a vehicle that has a low-sitting powertrain that manages to produce 228 hp at 184 lb-ft of torque. The GR86 can also be paired with two different types of drivetrain configurations, as you have the 6-speed automatic transmission that makes it easy for casual sports car drivers to get the most out of Toyota’s compact coupe, while the 6-speed manual transmission is available to give true enthusiasts an opportunity to flex their on-road experience and willingness to control the revs and power of the GR86.

Exceptional Acceleration and Control

There’s really nothing quite like being able to pop the clutch and drop the shifter to both hear and feel the vehicle utilize its horsepower to propel you forward and indulge in the vehicle’s speed. With the 2024 GR86, the sports coupe has a completely re-engineered torque curve compared to previous generations to make better use of the power band and enable better use of low-RPM ranges for improved acceleration and better application of the torque, whether you’re cruising around town or tearing up the tires on the track.

And on the subject of the track, the GR86’s built-in Track Mode enables you to make use of the tachometer displays with detailed telemetry feedback, as well as the ability to make use of the Vehicle Stability Control so that you have tight cornering and responsive handling aided by the electronic stability management system. Alternatively, you can make use of the Full-Off Mode, which puts you in full control of the GR86’s handling by turning off the Vehicle Stability Control, perfect for when you need precise performance.

Fuel Economy

The GR86 comes with a multi-link suspension and track-tuned coil-over springs with a stabilizer bar so that you get responsive, smooth handling without a lot of bumps and jolts as you travel along the road. You have front and rear floating calipers, with ventilated disc rotors in the front and solid rotors in the rear. When it comes to fuel economy, you have up to 20 MPG in the city and 27 MPG on the highway with the 6-speed manual transmission and up to 21 MPG in the city and 31 MPG on the highway configured as a 6-speed automatic.


A red 2024 Toyota GR86 is shown from the side on a racetrack.

The design of the 2024 GR86 centers around being sleekly architectured for its intended role within the sports coupe segment. The two-door fastback design is surprisingly utilitarian, as it sports two front seats and two small seats in the back. You have a large rear window on the fastback hatch, with 6.26 cu.ft. of space in the vehicle’s rear for storage. You also get dual chrome-tipped exhaust tips, a color roof-mounted shark-fin antenna, and a sweeping curved hood with a large interlinked grille.

A Sharp Exterior That Is Sure to Turn Heads

The sports appeal of the GR86 is also highlighted with its wheel designs. The 17-inch machined-finish alloy wheels come standard on the base trim, while the 18-inch matte-black painted wheels are standard on the Premium trim. There are even 17-inch bronze wheels that are also available for those who really want to spruce up the look of their GR86. Additionally, each wheel set comes in a different rim design, so there is a lot of personality to explore with the visual style of Toyota’s fastback coupe.

You also have an LED lighting array, variable intermittent front windshield wipers, adaptive front-lighting lighting, and the duckbill spoiler in the rear. This gives the GR86 a very refined look even while being a sports car. The lines are smooth but not too flashy or obnoxious, and the curves are well articulated, giving the vehicle a modern yet recognizable look.

A Stylish and Configurable Interior

When it comes to the interior, the personality of the vehicle shines with an option of three different stylistic designs for the cabin, including basic black fabric, black Ultrasuede with a leather trim, and black Ultrasuede with a leather trim and Solar Shift contrast stitching. These options enable you to specify how you want the GR86 to look and what kind of design preference best suits your vehicular driving style. Available leather-stitched steering wheel and gearshift also add to the refinement of the interior, along with different types of floor mats to match the cabin’s color scheme.


A white 2024 Toyota GR86 is shown in reverse with simulated sensor lines.

There are a lot of convenience features available for the 2024 GR86, from the power windows and locks, to the two-stage heated seats. You get plenty of comfort and convenience opportunities out of the sports car thanks to its variety of basic and complementary features. Every trim comes standard with a fixed center console with storage compartments, cup holders, and two USB charging ports with an auxiliary port.

A Host of Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

You have Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control to keep the interior cabin at moderate temperatures, along with features like the push-button start, rear lift release, and unlock, lock, and panic functionality, all built into the multi-function in-key remote keyless system. You also have a robust safety and security suite, including an active safety suite that features Pre-Collision Braking, Pre-Collision Throttle Management, and Adaptive Cruise Control. You also have Rear Parking Sonar with Reverse Automatic Braking, making it easier to get into and out of tight parking spaces, even in a hurry.

Connectivity and Infotainment

The 7-inch digital driver display also provides you with all of the necessary information for keeping track of the vehicle’s health and telemetry, while the 8-inch HD touchscreen offers you all of the infotainment functionality you could want out of an economy-class sports car. You have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, available eight audio speakers with an amplifier, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio made available across each trim with 3-months of free access to the platinum plan.

What’s more, is that each trim comes standard with a year of the Service Connect and Remote Connect features for remote vehicle access and navigation and the Connected Services suite with the Safety Connect features. So you have a feature-rich interior with plenty of technology, safety, navigation, and media access support right from the get-go with the 2024 Toyota GR86.

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[a]MSRP subject to change. Please see dealer for details.