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2024 Toyota Tacoma

A blue 2024 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport is angled left.

There’s nothing like getting in on the start of something new; that’s why we’re excited to introduce the 2024 Toyota Tacoma. The Tacoma has long been a popular midsize truck, standing out among its rivals by offering exceptional performance and capacity. The 2024 model is not just the best Tacoma yet; it also represents a step forward, as there have been redesigns under the hood and with the available technology. Toyota wants to bring you the best midsize pickup available, and with the 2024 Toyota Tacoma, the manufacturer has done just that and more.

With this year’s model, the Tacoma will have available hybrid capabilities, making it not just competitive with other trucks in its class but offering a level of fuel efficiency not seen in many trucks in this class. The team at Faith’s Toyota would love to show you this thrilling truck up close and personal and demonstrate how it can add exceptional value and power to your everyday challenges, whether it’s at the job site or picking the kids up at school. Before you head over, however, let us introduce you to the 2024 Toyota Tacoma so you know just what’s in store. You’ll see that this standout Toyota truck is the perfect balance of strength and cutting-edge tech at an affordable price tag.

Starting MSRP: $28,250 [a]

Max. Horsepower (hp): 326

Max. Torque (lb-ft): 465

Max. Towing (lbs): 6,500


A white 2024 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is shown from the rear kicking up dust.

Performance is king when you’re buying a truck. It’s hard to imagine a buyer checking out a midsize pickup truck and not asking about its power and capability first. That makes sense since pickup trucks are designed to get work done and do it as efficiently as possible. Pickups gained a big slice of the automobile market in the mid-1900s as Americans realized how invaluable they were for transporting cargo. Those who moved to buying pickup trucks seldom returned to sedans or SUVs; the taste of power a pickup truck offers is hard to go without.

Toyota’s 2024 Tacoma continues the tradition of a powerful midsize, making work and traveling easier for drivers. It’s built on a high-strength, boxed, full steel-ladder frame, making it look intimidating and rugged. The Tacoma also adds an exciting hybrid option, letting truck drivers travel more economically and make fewer stops at the gas station. In an age of ever-shifting gas prices, that’s an incredible bonus.


The Standard Turbocharged 2.4L i-FORCE Four-Cylinder Engine

The Tacoma’s standard engine is a turbo-charged 2.4L i-FORCE four-cylinder engine. Depending on the type of travel you plan on and your preference for control, you get to decide between an eight-speed automatic transmission and six-speed manual transmission. This engine provides a notable 228 hp 243 lb-ft of torque and comes with the base SR trim. Driving in the Tacoma gets even more exciting if you opt for one of the other engine options available in the Tacoma lineup.


The Turbocharged 2.4L i-FORCE MAX Hybrid Engine

The other i-FORCE engines the Tacoma offers crank up the horsepower and torque, with the latter being especially important for acceleration when you’re towing. Sitting in the middle is a similar 2.4L engine with increased performance, getting you 278 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque, depending on what higher-end trim you go with. If you want the maximum numbers this midsize can provide, you’ll want to get your hands on the turbocharged 2.4L i-FORCE MAX Hybrid, giving you performance numbers that will let you rule any road, on the pavement, or off.

The power you’ll be granted will let everyone know you mean serious business. Ratings are eye-popping with the i-FORCE MAX: 326 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque. With great capability comes the ability to tow up to 6,500 lbs and carry 1,709 lbs of payload. Thanks to these numbers, you will not have to make two trips no matter what you’re doing. And merging onto the highway? It’s never been such a breeze. Wave goodbye to any stress.

In addition to tackling tough work, we like these numbers because Vermont is a wonderful state to traverse, but its winters can be challenging. Stellar performance numbers will grant you a better sense of command and control when the roads are more hazardous. If you have to be out in bad weather, it makes sense that you’ll want to own a commanding truck.



A person is shown touching a JBL speaker in a 2024 Toyota Tacoma.

The modern era means any automobile can be as smart as the most advanced computer. That’s right, the innovations of the age of technology can be found in your Tacoma. There are all the expected elements, like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, so you can sync your playlists and favorite podcasts for long rides. You’ll even be able to opt for an 8-inch touchscreen display to get the most out of your Toyota audio multimedia system. If you’re someone who uses your truck for work, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. Traveling long distances has never been so enjoyable.


Innovative Comfort Behind the Wheel

But technology upgrades don’t just stop with infotainment; even the seats in the 2024 Toyota Tacoma are intelligent. Sounds like science fiction, right? Well, science fiction has become a reality: the Tacoma comes with available IsoDynamic Performance seating. These front seats come on the TRD Pro trim and help you out with comfort and performance. When you’re on difficult terrain, you don’t want to feel every bump on the road; it’s bad for your body and concentration. The Tacoma already has great shocks, but these seats have a shock absorber system to further limit your impact. The seats also take body mass and height into consideration and are built to ensure the rider’s posture is not affected. This is doubly important for the driver as the lack of turbulence will let them stay focused on the road ahead.


The Multi-Terrain Select System

The available Multi-Terrain Select system is ideal for anyone planning to do significant off-roading or, frankly, for anyone worried about those nasty Vermont winters. It adjusts wheel spin and traction so that your truck can sync with whatever terrain you’re on, be that mud, snow, or sand. This system will help you breathe a little easier if you end up traveling over terrain you weren’t expecting; the 2024 Toyota Tacoma will have your back.


Harness Power From Your Truck Bed

The tech isn’t just striving to help you inside your Tacoma, either; your truck’s bed is similarly smart. It has a 400-watt outlet so that you can charge your machinery no matter where you are. This works well for laborers, of course, but it’s also an advantage for anyone who plans to go camping, giving them the opportunity to power up some of the comforts from home.



A green 2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter is shown on a sunny day.

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma comes with Toyota’s celebrated Toyota Safety Sense suite. This upgraded safety system will let you know what’s happening around every inch of your vehicle.


Toyota Safety Sense

You’ll be provided with a Lane Departure Alert, which alerts you if you’re driving out of your lane via gentle reminders. The Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection will alert you to possible collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians, and if the accident appears imminent, it will use the brakes to prevent or lessen the impact. These, and a host of other features in Toyota’s Safety Sense suite, will let you ride with a sense of security you cannot get in other vehicles.


Trailering Safety Tools

However, the Tacoma has additional safety features that allow you to tow and haul with confidence. Trailer Back-Up Guidance does exactly what its title suggests: it assists you when you’re in reverse and carrying a trailer. The available Straight Path Assist will also step in to help you back up in a straight line. You can also opt to add a 360-degree camera to your Tacoma, allowing you to have total awareness of your surroundings even when you’ve got a big trailer hitched. The Blind Spot Monitor adds another security layer by keeping an eye on every corner of the vehicle and trailer to ensure you can change lanes safely. As you can see, the Tacoma is truly looking out for you with its array of safety and driver assistance tools.


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[a] MSRP may change without notice. See dealer for complete details.