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A grey 2024 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a Ford Bronco Sport dealer.


One of the newest models in the Ford lineup is also one of the coolest. The Ford Bronco Sport is a smaller, subcompact version of the popular off-road Bronco SUV. Like the Bronco, the Ford Bronco Sport has standard four-wheel drive, giving it great traction on and off the road. This is why so many drivers are heading over to Faith’s Ford, as they are your premier Ford Bronco Sport dealer for new and used models. Faith’s Ford is part of Faith’s Automotive group, giving you exceptional vehicle choices with an unsurpassed selection.


Faith’s Ford is located in Westminster, VT, and has always shown a great understanding of what drivers in this corner of New England want in a vehicle. This is why they are passionate about Ford vehicles like the Bronco Sport. If you are like most drivers here, you appreciate a model that provides exceptional traction because we get a great deal of inclement weather during all four seasons. This is why the folks at Faith’s know that the Ford Bronco Sport is a great choice for local drivers.




An Overview of the Bronco Sport


Ford decided to bring the Bronco SUV back in 2021 after a 25-year break. However, the surprising thing is that the reborn Bronco embraced its outdoor roots, going away from the suburban vehicle that it had become by 1996. The decision was also made to add a second vehicle to the lineup, the Bronco Sport. This smaller model delivered the same off-road capabilities in a more economical design that works great as a daily driver.


Despite being a subcompact SUV, the Bronco Sport provides great interior space, with plenty of room for up to five adults to sit comfortably even on long rides. This helps set it apart from other models in its vehicle class, many of which do not give you enough room for all of your friends, family, and cargo.


The brown interior of a 2022 Ford Bronco Sport is shown from above the center console.


The other thing that sets the Bronco Sport apart is its rugged, outdoorsy design. This one doesn’t just look the part. It also has the capabilities of a standard 4X4 drivetrain and other special features. You can even choose a Bronco Sport model that will deliver the options and choices to help you tackle some of the most challenging trails here in Vermont.


The Bronco Sport also provides a great deal of configurable cargo space. This helps you move things when you need to, whether you are doing it for work or your personal life. There is even a standard safari-style roof that provides extra height in the cargo compartment and the ability to hold up to 150 lbs. This gives you even more storage options on your Bronco Sport.


Commuters and daily drivers are going to appreciate the solid fuel economy offered by the Bronco Sport. This is one of the reasons why so many folks choose to drive a subcompact SUV. However, with the Bronco Sport, you get so much more, like its large interior space, cargo options, and off-road capabilities. If you want a subcompact SUV that is also built for adventure, then nothing can match a Ford Bronco Sport.


Shop Their Selection of New Bronco Sport models


Each year, Ford offers the Bronco Sport with new enhancements and features. Aside from the choice of engines on the Bronco Sport, there are also so many different trim levels. Each gives you specialized capabilities, so if you want more off-road capabilities, you can choose this on your vehicle. One of the coolest is the Terrain Management System. This provides several G.O.A.T. (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain) modes, allowing you to adjust the drivetrain to suit road and off-road conditions and get the most out of your Bronco Sport’s standard four-wheel drive.


Ford also offers the Bronco Sport with special retro looks. For example, the Heritage model has awesome 60s looks, while the Free Wheeling model brings back the day-glow colors of the 1970s. This is why the Bronco Sport is more than just a great vehicle for Vermont drivers. It is also one that lets you reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. No matter which model you want, you can find it at their dealership. The staff will work tirelessly to get you the Bronco Sport you want. This includes helping you get behind the wheel of the most in-demand styles and features.


A red 2022 Ford Bronco Sport is shown from the rear at angle while off-road.


They Also Carry a Vast Inventory of Pre-Owned Bronco Sport Models


One of the best ways to get behind the wheel of a Ford Bronco Sport is to buy one used. The Bronco Sport is already affordable, and buying one used will help save you even more money. The dealership features a vast inventory of used models, offering not just Ford models but also great models from other leading brands. This is because Faith’s Ford is part of the Faith’s Automotive group. This allows them to source exceptional used vehicles from so many different places, allowing you to have the choice you need to find one that works best for you.


Best of all, you will receive a complimentary AutoCheck vehicle history report. This will let you know a great deal of crucial information. You can find out if the vehicle has been involved in an accident, if it has any open recalls or repairs, and how its prior owner used it. You can also see if it had more than one owner in the past. All of this will help you make an educated decision about the used model you are considering. The sales staff will work with you to go over the used Bronco Sport models available on the lot. If you don’t see it there, you are probably going to find it at one of their other dealerships. This is the benefit of dealing with an authorized Ford dealer with a vast inventory of models.


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Why Shop for the Ford Bronco Sport With Us?


When you buy a new or used vehicle, you want to know that the dealer will be there for you in the long run. This goes for any model, not just the Ford Bronco Sport. With its track record, there are few dealers that can match Faith’s Ford. You will find the selection you need to find the Bronco Sport you want, whether you are buying one new or used. This also allows you to find harder-to-get special editions or ones with more advanced features.


You are also going to get a great deal no matter which Bronco Sport you choose. They will work with you to make sure the one you choose will fit your budget perfectly. Their finance team will work hard to get you a lease or loan on competitive terms. They work with so many different lenders, so you have options and choices when it comes to making a deal.


No matter which Bronco Sport you end up choosing, you are going to need to get it serviced regularly. They have a full-service department that will be able to help you keep your new or used Ford Bronco Sport. Not only will they help you set up a routine maintenance schedule, but they will also let you know when you need to get something fixed on your vehicle. This is the kind of service that keeps drivers coming back to them. If you are looking for a top-notch dealership, you should choose Faith’s Ford, part of our auto group. For those looking for a great vehicle built for Vermont drivers, you should choose a new or used Ford Bronco Sport from Faith’s Ford!