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What are you looking for in a used SUV dealer? Are you interested in a specific model, or do you need help narrowing your search? Do you enjoy the traditional car-buying experience, or are you interested in a streamlined approach that saves you valuable time? At Faith’s Automotive, we’re here to meet every need and exceed your expectations by delivering a bespoke customer experience.

Delivering this experience starts behind the scenes with our inventory. While we offer the newest models at our Toyota and Ford dealerships, we also know that many customers are looking to stretch their hard-earned money further by investing in a used model. By hand-selecting our used inventory, we ensure we have models that meet the diverse needs of the drivers we serve. In exchange, we’ve built a shopper’s paradise that guarantees the perfect used SUV is on our lot at a price you can afford.

At Faith’s Automotive, you can rest easy knowing you’re always in great hands. While our inventory is the backbone of our dealership, our team is our heartbeat. Our employees represent everything we stand for and serve customers like you with the integrity, accountability, and respect that embody who we are as a dealership. These values guarantee the same high-caliber experience, whether you’re shopping for a used SUV or relying on the expertise of our trusted service technicians. We’re here for it all and guarantee a car-buying and owning experience like you never imagined.

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From Compact to Full-Size, We Have Something for Everyone


Faith’s Automotive is unique because we have two dealerships in one convenient location: Faith’s Toyota and Faith’s Ford. This gives our customers a distinct advantage because it guarantees more choices and a broader selection. For example, you’ll find every Ford SUV and Toyota SUV imaginable, from the Escape, Edge, and Explorer to the 4Runner, Highlander, and RAV4.

Moreover, our vast selection is more appealing when you discover the work we put into every model. Our customers deserve the best, and it’s our goal to deliver. However, doing so starts long before you arrive at our dealerships. It begins behind the scenes as we continually work to build a healthy selection of used models that satisfy every driving, lifestyle, budget, and performance need.

You shouldn’t have to compromise on quality or affordability in a used SUV. With our inventory, you don’t have to because we thoroughly vet and inspect every model before it joins our lot. This vetting process and our high standards give you more confidence to see how far your money will go in a used SUV like the versatile Toyota RAV4, the adventurous Toyota 4Runner, or the sophisticated Ford Edge.

Our quality standards and vetting process also apply to models from other automakers. While we’re proud to carry Ford and Toyota, we know drivers deserve plenty of choices. Alongside our best-selling SUVs, you’ll find plenty of other popular models from leading manufacturers like Subaru, Jeep, Honda, and Chevy. This variety expands our selection to include award-winning SUVs like the Kia Telluride and performance-inspired models like the Dodge Durango to American-bred SUVs like the Chevy Suburban, Chevy Tahoe, and GMC Yukon.

What Should You Consider When Shopping for a Used SUV?


SUVs come in many shapes and sizes that cater to different driving needs. Because of this, the first step in narrowing down your search is considering the size of the SUV you need. For example, a large family would benefit from a full-size SUV that can accommodate passengers across three rows of seating without compromising cargo capacity. Alternatively, an individual or couple that rarely uses the backseat would benefit from a smaller compact or midsize model. But what else should you consider?




Everyone wants to save money on fuel, but some drivers make this a bigger priority than others. Commuters and road-trippers often look for fuel-sipping models that don’t compromise performance. That is why we carry a selection of efficient used SUVs, including hybrid models that will help you save at the pump. Both Ford and Toyota are known for offering efficient vehicles that are more appealing than gas-guzzling alternatives.



Safety is another important consideration for drivers and automakers alike. Industry safety standards are constantly improving, meaning you’ll find advanced features like automatic emergency braking and lane-keeping assist in your search for a used SUV. However, automakers differentiate themselves by expanding on these features with innovative technologies and cutting-edge tools. This technology comes in various forms, from blind spot monitoring and park assist to hands-free cruise control and head-up displays that enhance your focus on the road.

Mileage and Age


Mileage and age are always factors worth considering when shopping for a used SUV. While low-mileage vehicles and newer models are attractive, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider an older model or one with a few more miles on the odometer. Automakers like Ford and Toyota are renowned for building long-lasting vehicles that can log tens of thousands of miles given routine maintenance. These models are incredible finds on the used lot because they save you money and still have plenty of life left to offer.


We Put Your Needs First


Are you excited about purchasing a used SUV? We know this excitement quickly fades if you’re approached by a pushy salesperson who does little to get to know you and is focused on making the sale quickly so they can move on to the next customer. It’s an experience that leaves much to be desired, and it’s one Faith’s Automotive Group is determined to change.

Faith’s Ford and Faith’s Toyota put your needs first to ensure you drive home happy in a used SUV you love. As an automotive group that carries the Toyota and Ford banners, our job is selling vehicles, but our passion is building meaningful relationships with our customers. Our relationships define who we are and give us an advantage because we’re genuinely interested in you, your driving needs, and how we can help meet those needs.

At Faith’s Toyota and Faith’s Ford, you matter. Our extensive selection of used SUVs proves we start working for you long before you arrive at our Westminster location. That work doesn’t end there and extends to our commitment to transparency, so you always know what you’re getting when you work with us. Transparency defines every aspect of our dealership, from our pricing and finalizing the sale to the work we do from the convenience of our service center.

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Find Your Used SUV Today!


What SUV will best fit your needs? Will you jump in the driver’s seat of the rugged Toyota 4Runner and head straight for the trail, or will you load up your family in a Ford Expedition and head out of town for a weekend getaway? At Faith’s Automotive, anything and everything is possible.

Faith’s Automotive is proud to be your used SUV destination. We’ll help you narrow your search by learning more about your driving needs and your plans for the future. Next, we’ll guide you through your decision, showing you the importance of considering factors like size, efficiency, and safety features. From there, we’ll give you test drives and answer your questions, so you have all the information you need to make an informed purchase. Then, once you say “yes” to the SUV of your dreams, we’ll help you navigate the sale and toss you the keys.

Are you ready to find the perfect used SUV? If so, it’s time to visit Faith’s Automotive. We can’t wait to show you how exciting and enjoyable buying an SUV can be!